• Platinum vs. White Gold

    Are you choosing the perfect engagement ring for your soon to be bride? Is it time to add a sparkling accessory to your jewelry box? Both white gold and platinum are popular options, particularly those who enjoy the mirror like shine and shimmer of these modern metals.

  • Gem Showcase: Jade

    Are you looking for a unique and beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one? Jade accented fine jewelry makes a luxurious and thoughtful option for the special men and women in your life. It’s beautiful green tone, lustrous shine and extreme durability is what has made this gorgeous gemstone a popular favorite for thousands of years. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia, we are excited to provide Jade jewelry for our local customers to enjoy. Visit our Atlanta, GA location today to find your next treasure. 

  • Fine Jewelry for Children

    When people think of diamonds and platinum, they are often associated with adult occasions such as wedding engagements and anniversaries. However, children can also enjoy the timeless beauty and elegance of a bracelet, ring, pendant necklace or set of earrings that are made from quality precious metals and gemstones.

  • Luxury Watches in Atlanta

    Do you love the classic appeal of a quality luxury watch on your wrist? Are you searching for a unique and refined gift for your husband, father or other important man in your life? If you’re looking for luxury watches in Atlanta, Georgia, visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry. Whether you’re looking for men’s or women’s Rolex watches or Cartier watches in Atlanta, GA

  • A History of Men’s Luxury Watches

    At a time when many people are turning to high tech timepieces with internet access, the classic sophistication of a Rolex or Bruguet can speak volumes. Whether you’re investing in a luxury watch for a husband, son, father or friend, or are interested in expanding your collection, the team at Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia can help you find the perfect piece. The history of men’s watches is rich and full of adventure, much like the men who enjoy wearing them. 

  • Choosing the Right Necklace Style

    From birthdays and wedding days, to prom dances and day to day accessorizing, necklaces are an excellent way to make a fashion statement. Whether you prefer understated classic styles or opulent designs fit for a Queen, you’re sure to find the perfect piece when you visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia. 

  • Gemstone Showcase: Aquamarine

    Aquamarine, a gorgeous blue gemstone reminiscent of ocean waves and sea glass, is one of the world’s most popular minerals. It’s light azure coloring is a favorite of those who love the beach, and is also the birthstone of people born in March. The unique shade is rare among gemstones, and looks beautiful when set in rose or yellow gold.

  • Diamond Earrings in Atlanta

    Are you searching for a unique and gorgeous pair of diamond earrings in Atlanta, Georgia? Then look no further. Royal Design Fine Jewelry is proud to provide clients in the Atlanta, Georgia area with the world’s most valuable and precious gemstones. From pretty hoops and glam chandeliers to flawless diamond stud earrings in Atlanta, 

  • Top Five Most Rare Gemstones in the World

    Lovers of fine jewelry often enjoy the brilliant sparkle of a flawless diamond set into a platinum band, both precious and rare treasures found in the natural world. However, despite the diamonds uncommon occurrence, there are gemstones that are even more difficult to acquire

  • The World’s Most Rare Precious Metals

    While the diamond or colored gemstone often takes center stage in fine jewelry design, it’s the luminous metals that provide the accents which takes your engagement ring, drop earrings or necklace pendant to the next level. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia, we provide our local customer with some of the world’s most rare and beautiful collection of treasures.

  • Diamond Wedding Rings in Atlanta, GA

    At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we are proud to offer the most stunning engagement rings and diamond wedding bands in Atlanta, Georgia. Our diamond jewelry is made from the world’s most rare gemstones and precious metals, so you’re sure to find the ring that is perfect for the love of your life. If you’re ready to walk down the aisle, visit Royal Design a

  • Valentine’s Day Treasures She’ll Fall in Love With

    This February 14th, get the love of your life something she’ll remember forever. While roses and chocolate are delectable treats, both will be gone within a week. Diamonds, rare gemstones and precious metals are timeless gifts that offer a symbol of your lasting commitment.

  • Engagement Rings in Atlanta, GA

    Wedding rings symbolize eternal love and have been used for centuries to signify commitment to a lasting relationship. After exchanging rings on your big day, she will wear the ring you choose for the rest of her life, and be reminded of the countless cherished memories you’ll create together.

  • The Romanov Family Jewels

    At Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia, we bring some of the world’s most beautiful gemstones and precious metals to our local customers. If you’re a fellow lover of diamonds, gold and gorgeous treasures, then you’ve no doubt heard about the infamous Romanov Crown Jewels. 

  • The Crown Jewels of Great Britain

    At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we bring the world’s finest gems and precious metals for the residents of Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in helping Atlanta area men and women build their fine jewelry collections, and can’t help but admire one of the most awe-inspiring selections of treasures in the world

  • How to Create a Memorable Wedding Proposal

    Have you fallen head over heels for your love? While most potential grooms can’t wait to see their bride walk down the aisle in a beautiful white dress, but the idea of proposing can send many into a frenzy of frayed nerves

  • Gem Showcase: Garnet

    The garnet is a gemstone with a history as rich as its vibrant colors. Since man’s first civilizations, men and women have sought to add garnet adorned treasures to their collections. Garnets are the birthstone of people who came into the world in January, one of the coldest months of the year, perhaps to serve as a reminder that the warmth of the sun would soon return

  • Ring in the New Year with Gorgeous Gemstones

    After the chaos of the holidays, it’s become an American tradition to shed the stress of the previous weeks and let loose as we usher in the New Year. It’s a time of fresh starts and new ideas, and there’s no better way to celebrate than showing up at the season’s most exclusive party decked out in beautiful diamonds and 

  • Top Five Most Recognizable Celebrity Engagement Rings

    Every girl dreams of the day the man of her dreams holds a diamond ring in front of her and asks the question, “Will you marry me?” The engagement ring is one of the most celebrated symbols of lasting love, and that’s why so many people can’t help but admire the lavish treasures that adorn the hands of celebrity brides.

  • Gemstone Showcase: Pink Diamonds

    From the hands of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively to the crowns jewels of France, Britain and Iran, pink diamonds are one of the most desirable and popularized colored diamonds in the world. The beautiful blush hued fancy diamonds are one of the rarest and most valuable gemstones found on the planet

  • History of the Hope Diamond

    At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we provide some of the world’s highest quality gemstones and precious metals for the men and women of Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding area. Diamonds are one of the most sought after gemstones in the world and for good reason.

  • Holiday Accessories

    The holiday season is full of social events. From family gatherings and cocktails with friends to work parties and New Year’s champagne toasts, the winter months bring with it a desire to spend time with others.

  • Earring Style Guide

    Do you have a special occasion in the near future and are looking for the perfect pair of earrings? From formal events, such as weddings, anniversary parties and proms to casual earrings for everyday wear, it’s important that you choose a set of earrings that will make you feel and look your best.

  • Choosing the Perfect Pearls

    From brides walking down the aisle to 1920’s jazz dancers, nothing says classic and sophisticated like a strand of glistening pearls. Thanks to the advancement of synthetics in manufacturing, it is sometimes difficult to tell when the pearls you’re searching for are authentic, gem quality pearls, or a less valuable substitute. 

  • The Rising Popularity of Rose Gold

    From cell phones and headphones to nail polish and bridesmaid’s gowns, Rose Gold seems to be the trendiest metal in today’s marketplace. The color is feminine, luxurious and modern and even inspired one of Pantone’s 2016 color of the year.

  • October Birthstones: Opal and Tourmaline

    Do you have a birthday, anniversary or other reason to rejoice in the month of October? If so, then you might want to consider commemorating the occasion with a beautiful ring, bracelet or earring set with an October birthstone.

  • How to Find the Perfect Anniversary Ring

    While your wedding day is certainly a time of celebration, an anniversary is really the ultimate proclamation of love. A wedding ring is a beautiful symbol of your willingness to commit but an anniversary ring represents all the years you have successfully dedicated yourself to one another. 

  • Gem Showcase: Sapphire

    Diamonds may be the most well-known gemstone for fine jewelry, but there are many other shining examples of nature’s exquisite beauty. Colored gemstones have been chosen for their symbolic importance and mystical qualities since the beginning of civilization. 

  • Colored Gemstones and Their Meanings

    Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but there are many other options when searching for the perfect ring, necklace or bracelet. Gemstones are a great way to both accessorize and express your individuality. Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring, anniversary band or birthstone necklace, the experts at Royal Design are here to help Atlanta area residents find their favorite fine jewelry pieces

  • The World's Most Valuable Diamonds

    Diamonds are one of the most prized natural resources in the world. Their rarity and exquisite beauty has made them a desirable item for those lucky enough to possess them, regardless of time or culture.

  • Choosing Men's Wedding Bands

    When it comes time to choose wedding rings, a lot of focus is usually placed on the bride’s engagement ring. However, it’s important to recognize that the groom’s wedding band is a timeless symbol of his eternal love and commitment. It will be worn on his hand every day for the rest of his life, so it’s vital that the decision be made with great care and contemplation. 

  • The Most Popular Diamond Settings

    Fashion is an amalgamation of many things, each of which has its own mix of details. These micro factors come to play a heavy role in making and remaking trends. In jewelry, diamond setting is one of the huge agent that make worlds of differences to the finished product. 

  • Why Are Diamonds So Treasured?

    Diamonds have become a cherished symbol of love. Their striking beauty and high value often makes them the most prized stone for use in wedding rings and are recognized as the most treasured pieces in any fine jewelry collection. While many brides to be dream of their perfect ring, it isn’t always well unde

  • How to Clean a Diamond Ring?

    Your diamond rings are more than just a beautiful accessory. Fine jewelry is an investment, and if you want to maintain your gem’s shimmer, you’ll need to treat it with care. Jewelry that is worn occasionally may hold its luster for many years.

  • How To Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

    Choosing an engagement ring isn’t a decision anyone should take lightly. For most women, their wedding ring will be the most expensive and valuable jewelry item in their collection. Earrings and necklaces are important investments as well, but will be worn selectively. An engagement ring and wedding band will be worn on your hand every day for the rest of your life. Therefore, many couples are now taking a practical approach, and working together to find the perfect engagement ring.

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