A History of Men’s Luxury Watches

At a time when many people are turning to high tech timepieces with internet access, the classic sophistication of a Rolex or Bruguet can speak volumes. Whether you’re investing in a luxury watch for a husband, son, father or friend, or are interested in expanding your collection, the team at Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia can help you find the perfect piece. The history of men’s watches is rich and full of adventure, much like the men who enjoy wearing them. 

The First Wearable Watches

Handheld watches became popular almost two centuries before the wrist watch. Early wearable time pieces were often held only by the wealthiest and most prominent in society, as the ability to scale down the mechanisms of a large clock into a miniature device was rare and highly in demand. What at first became a fashion statement of the elite, eventually blossomed into a practical and necessary accessory in the 1800’s, as the age of industry was flourishing. The ability to know the time in any location on the earth was highly prized. Whether at the office or traveling by train and carriage from city to city, men and women could finally stay on task, having the knowledge of time itself at their fingertips. 

The Journey from Pocket to Wrist

Pocket watches were both beautiful and useful, however depending on the weather and popular fashions of the time, the devices weren’t always easily accessible. From the late 1700’s through the early 20th century, women had designed bracelets with watches, and they often faded in and out of style. For men, the pocket watch remained the most common form of wearable timepieces until the first world war approached. During the Great War, soldiers had begun to attach their pocket watches to their wrist in order to quickly check the time, to coordinate and carry out orders in the battlefield. Once it became known that there was a military benefit to men’s wrist watches, governments began to manufacture them, and started to issue them to all soldiers. At the wars end, jewelers, horologists and craftsman were competing to create truly amazing works of art for the droves of men who had begun to adopt the new trend. 

The Most Influential Luxury Watch Designs of the 20th Century

  • Cartier Tank – The Cartier Tank was one of the first wristwatches, manufactured in 1918. The item was at first so exclusive and rare that they sold only six in their first full year of production. It has one of the most iconic faces, a white rectangular background with stylized black roman numerals. 
  • Rolex Submariner – Came on the scene in 1953. It’s simplistic, masculine design made it a must have for sportsman around the world. Seen on the wrist of influencers of the day, including James Bond, aka Sean Connery.  
  • Piguet Royal Oak – In 1972, the Royal Oak turned classic luxury watch design on its head by introducing a beautifully crafted swizz timepiece that used brushed stainless steel rather than conventional gold, silver or platinum. The result was an iconic masculine design that is highly treasured, with vintage Royal Oaks selling for thousands of dollars. 

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