Gemstone Showcase: Aquamarine

Aquamarine, a gorgeous blue gemstone reminiscent of ocean waves and sea glass, is one of the world’s most popular minerals. It’s light azure coloring is a favorite of those who love the beach, and is also the birthstone of people born in March. The unique shade is rare among gemstones, and looks beautiful when set in rose or yellow gold. Whether you’re searching for an aquamarine accessory for your wedding day, or know someone whose favorite color is light blue, the experts at Royal Design Fine Jewelry have many options available. Here are a few fun and interesting facts about Aquamarine. 

Aquamarine: March’s Beautiful Birthstone 

Is your birthday in March? Then you have a special connection with this gemstone of the sea. March’s traditional gemstones are Bloodstone and Aquamarine, and the two together could make a unique piece of fine jewelry. As a favorite of royal families from the Tsars of Russia to the current princesses of Sweden, aquamarine is a stunning addition to any kind of birthday gift, from tennis bracelets to tiaras. 

History and Lore 

The history of Aquamarine goes back into antiquity. Legend has it that the gemstone was first found in the treasure chest of a mermaid. It’s association with the water made it the choice stone for protecting sailors, pirates and navy men on their distant voyages, and is still used by some as a good luck charm when traveling overseas. The largest cut aquamarine found in the world is the Dom Pedro aquamarine, a stunning obelisk created by artist Bernd Munsteiner. It was mined in 1980 at a gemstone mine in Brazil and got its name from Pedor I and II, both of which were 19th century Brazilian emperors. The obelisk is 4 inches wide and stands at 14 inches tall. It can be viewed at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. A few examples of famous royal aquamarines include the Luxembourg Aquamarine Parure worn by the grand ducal family of Luxembourg, the Queen Mother’s Aquamarine Brooch, and the tiara, earrings and necklace set worn by Queen Ena of Spain. 

Features of Aquamarine

The mineral known as Aquamarine is actually a form of Beryl, just like it’s famous cousin the Emerald. It gets its unique hue from the inclusion of Ferrous in its mineral composition. Mines exist in many areas of the United States including Mt. Antero in Colorado, the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming and the Sawtooth Range in Idaho. International sources of Aquamarine can be found in Colombia, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Malawi, Zambia and Brazil. 

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