Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

There are many reasons why people find accessories a unique, aesthetically pleasing add-on to your appearance. Whether it’s a luxury watch, an emerald necklace, diamond earrings, or an insignia ring, a lot can be said depending on the type of accessory you choose to put on. That’s why it’s essential to visit a jewelry store physically or online to check out what they are offering and discover your taste when it comes to jewelry. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we ensure that you get what you are looking for by offering various high-quality accessories.

Choosing earrings that portray your unique sense of style and complement your facial structure requires you to have sufficient information on the different types of earrings. Earrings play a vital role in balancing various face shapes and drawing attention to an individual’s facial appearance. Below are some of the most common face shapes and the diamond earrings that go along with them.


A round or circular face is characterized by a lack of sharp angles and lines. This is the main reason why individuals with round cheeks have a more comprehensive appearance since their faces appear circular. By wearing long-statement, slender earrings, you add length to your face, which makes it appear elongated. People with a round facial structure should avoid earrings with large hoops since they will only enhance the circular shape of your face, and stud earrings are likely to go unnoticed.


Oval face shapes may appear similar to circular shapes, but the difference is that it is slightly longer. People with oval-shaped faces have ideal angles which evenly distribute the various facial features due to the lack of a broad chin and forehead. If you have an oval face, then you are in luck because you can wear any earring without the constant fear of your earrings being overstated or understated. From studs, hoops, and triangle-shaped, among many more, you have the luxury of wearing any, depending on your preference.


If you have a broad forehead than your chin, then you have a heart-shaped face. Most people with this type of face tend to have a softer appearance as they move from top to bottom. Due to the distinction between the wide top and the narrow bottom, it makes sense that one should wear earrings that are more weighted at the bottom than the top. This gives your face more balanced and doesn’t understate any facial features. We recommend teardrop diamond earrings that gradually enlarge at the bottom, which beautifully complements your face.


Like the round face, people with this shape have a symmetrical face that resembles a box. This means that the forehead and the chin have equal widths, which give it a square-like appearance. To soften these angles, we recommend round or stick earrings to create a nice pairing between your face shape and earrings.

At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we have a dedicated, experienced team set on helping you achieve your desired look. Contact us today, and get more information on the most suitable diamond earrings for your face shape.

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