Caring for Your Jewelry All Year Long

Have you been neglecting your jewelry maintenance? We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry, are excited to offer the world’s most luxurious diamond accessories for our clients in Atlanta, Georgia and around the country. Our team of experienced professionals also offers a wide range of jewelry related services that can maximize the value, longevity and beauty of your fine jewelry collection. Here are some tips on how you can plan out your jewelry maintenance tasks throughout the seasons, to ensure that your treasures stay beautiful all year long. 


Autumn is a time for stillness between summer adventures and the holiday rush. Take advantage of this time by organizing and planning. Fall is the perfect time to take a full inventory of your jewelry. Look through your jewelry boxes and make sure all items are in their proper place and well protected against the elements. If you notice any flaws or damage, then you can get the item repaired before the hustle and bustle of the winter season arrives. Check for pearl necklaces and bracelets that may need to be restrung, luxury watches that need some attention, loose stones, damaged settings, clasps that need to be replaced and rings that require new rhodium plating. You’ll be happy that you’ve done the prep work ahead of time, so you have a shimmering collection of beautiful accessories to choose from in November, December and January. 


Now is the time to shine. In the heart of winter, when everything is dark and dreary, it becomes the season to light up the world with the holiday spirit and sparkling diamonds. Take care of any last-minute repairs that weren’t performed during the fall. Clean your jewelry if necessary, so that each and every gemstone is showcased to perfection. You can also plan out what you will wear for your holiday celebrations. From casual Thanksgiving dinner with extended family to Holiday cocktail parties and New Years Eve festivities, you’re likely going to need an array of jewelry lined up for each special occasion. You may realize you need a new treasure for a specific event. If so, use the opportunity to shop for yourself and buy a memorable gift for someone special. 


You may have been adorning yourself with the dazzling new gifts you received over the holidays and are now ready to store some precious items away. Utilize the spirit of the spring season by clearing the clutter in your jewelry collection. Reorganize your inventory to adjust for newly received accessories, and once again make sure that each item is properly stored and sealed away from excess moisture and air. If certain items were worn frequently over the winter, then you may need to invest in a professional cleaning or jewelry repair. Take the time to do so now before summer activities overwhelm your schedule. 


Summer is the time of year when most people embark on an adventurous vacation. Whether you plan to ski in the Alps, take a cruise around the Mediterranean, or swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, make sure you take care of your jewelry. If you plan on wearing your wedding ring or any luxury items for black tie dinners and other exciting excursions, prepare ahead of time. Purchase quality travel cases that are designed to protect precious metals, diamonds and gemstones. Always use a safe or security device to keep your jewelry well defended when not in use and consider investing in insurance.  

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