Choosing a Promise Ring

Rings have symbolized eternal love for hundreds of years, making them the perfect way to let your loved one know just how much you care. Often people choose to purchase a promise ring before they are fully prepared for an engagement ring. A promise ring is the perfect gift option for a variety of people from high school sweethearts to those who need a milestone before marriage. We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry, are excited to offer the world's most luxurious diamond accessories for our clients in Atlanta, Georgia and around the country. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect promise ring for your significant other.   

Consider a Design that Will Incorporate Future Rings

If you do plan on having a wedding sometime in the future, think about how you can incorporate the existing ring with the eventual engagement ring or wedding ring. Perhaps you can have the promised ring designed as a contour band, which will one day fit seamlessly with the ring she will wear when walking down the aisle. 

Invest in Quality Materials

A promise ring is a symbol of lasting affection. Therefore, it’s important to choose a ring that is made with the highest quality precious metals, diamonds and gemstones. Even if you will be purchasing an engagement ring or wedding band later, your future bride or groom will probably still want to wear their ring. So, it’s important to make a wise investment. 

Three Stone Ring

Three stone rings are perfect for promise rings, as each stone can represent the past, present and future of your relationship. This is perhaps the best option for those who never plan on getting married, but still want to wear a ring as a reminder of their love. 

Take Inspiration from the Past

People have been giving promise rings to their lovers for centuries. Over the years, interesting styles have emerged. During the Renaissance, posy rings were popular. These beautiful gold bands had various etchings designed on the exterior, with a romantic inscription hidden on the inside. Another option is the elegant Victorian era acrostic ring, where the gemstones were set in a single line, and the names of each gem were designed to spell out a cryptic message.  

Are You Looking for a Luxury Promise Ring? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry

Have you decided it’s time to make a formal commitment by giving the woman of your dreams a promise ring? Then visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry store today. Our experienced jewelers will help you choose a treasure that she will want to keep forever. Visit our Atlanta, Georgia location to see our incredible collection of luxury jewelry in person. Do you live outside of the Atlanta area? Then you can still browse our inventory from your laptop, tablet or phone anywhere in the US.

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