Choosing Side Stones for Your Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Are you ready to start your journey toward lasting love? If you’re going to ask the big question, you must have the perfect ring. Whether you’ve already asked your beloved to marry you, or you’re still in the beginning stage of planning the proposal, you may have already begun searching for a local jewelry store that can offer a one-of-a-kind diamond ring. The specialists at Royal Design Fine Jewelry are ready to help make your engagement special with our incredible selection of engagement rings. The three-stone ring is a classic and still remains one of the most popular styles of engagement rings for brides to wear. If you’ve settled on a three-stone ring, you might be feeling overwhelmed at the options available. Whether you’re planning on purchasing your ring from a local jewelry store or online, it’s essential that you choose a style that represents your fiance’s unique style and personality. Here are some tips on selecting a beautiful three-stone engagement ring.

Why Are Three-Stone Engagement Rings So Popular?

Three stone rings have been popular for centuries. Their style was originally representative of the trinity due to the sacred association with the number three. Often, the three stones represented friendship, fidelity, and love - all aspects of a lasting marriage. Others saw the stones as symbolizing past, present, and future, and therefore the timelessness of love itself. While this classic style has been used since antiquity, modern jewelry designers have enhanced its design by utilizing advanced cutting techniques to create a more versatile range of diamond shapes and sizes.

What Types of Side Stones Work Well for Three-Stone Engagement Rings?

When determining which style of three-stone ring is preferred, it’s best to start with the center ring. This is the stone that will be showcased and, therefore, will set the foundation for the entire design. While classic round diamonds are still popular, there are many alternatives to choose from. Those who enjoy the flare and sophistication of art deco style may like an emerald-cut center stone. At the same time, those with a more modern disposition might desire a radiant or cushion-cut diamond. Once you have settled on the center stone’s shape, then you can choose which side stones would best suit the look. If you have chosen a particularly large center stone, then you might downplay the side stones, so they act like accents that draw attention to the center. Or, if you prefer a more uniform shape to the three stones, they may be closer in size and shape to the central stone. Another common way to customize a three-stone ring design is to play with hues, choosing a clear diamond for the center or side stones and then adding a pop of color with yellow, pink, or chocolate diamonds.

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