Common Jewelry Issues and How to Fix Them

Diamonds, gemstones and precious metals are well loved and sought after because of their beauty and longevity. Unfortunately, even the most exquisite piece of jewelry requires some form of maintenance and proper care to retain its value and charm. It can be frustrating when your wedding ring loses its brilliance, or when you’ve lost a stone while hiking through a National Park. Thankfully, most jewelry issues can be remedied with the help of a professional jeweler. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we enjoy sharing the world’s most luxurious fine jewelry with our customers in Atlanta, Georgia and around the world. We also know how much our clients want to extend the beauty and integrity of their investments. Here are a few tips to help you overcome common jewelry related problems, and how to find a solution. 

Worn Metal

While some jewelry pieces are kept in storage the majority of their life, there are some mementos that are worn daily. Wedding rings, mother rings and necklace pendants that hold special memories may begin to show signs of wear and tear much earlier than others. Thankfully, your favorite jewelry items can be restored to their former glory through a delicate process of polishing, plating and refurbishing. 

Damaged Clasp

Wearing a necklace or bracelet with a damaged clasp can result in losing the valuable item altogether. Once a broken clasp has been identified, it should be repaired right away. A jeweler has the tools and equipment needed to repair or replace your clasp, so you can safely wear your treasures without fear. 

Rings That Don’t Fit

Ring sizes aren’t always set in stone. Weight gain or loss and fluctuations in water retention or inflammation can cause a ring to suddenly become too big or small. A loose ring could fall off when the wearer isn’t paying attention, and a ring that is too small will be uncomfortable and could restrict blood flow. A professional jeweler can resize your rings to ensure they are customized to your needs. 

Broken Prongs

In many cases, the diamonds and gemstones are the most valuable part of any piece of jewelry. If the prongs attached to your ring, pendant, tennis bracelet or earrings become broken or bent, then your beautiful sapphire or rare pink diamond could become lost. Prongs can be reformed by a qualified jeweler to ensure that your stones are secured in place. 

Need a Jewelry Repair or Maintenance Service? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry Today 

Do you have a favorite ring, necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings that needs some tender love and care? If so, contact the experienced jewelers at Royal Design Fine Jewelry and find out what we can do to restore and repair your beautiful treasures. We offer a wide range of professional services including luxury watch repair and battery replacements, rhodium plating, polishing and cleaning, resizing, stone matching, bracelet repair, restringing, personal engravings, reshaping and more. Call today for more information or visit our Atlanta, Georgia location.  

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