December Birthstone - Blue Topaz

Topaz is the beautiful blue gemstone used to celebrate December births worldwide. If you have a Sagittarius friend or loved one who’s about to enjoy another twelve months of life, then blue topaz jewelry might just be the perfect gift. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we offer some of the Earth’s most exclusive and valuable treasures, for our customers in Atlanta, Georgia and around the world. Not sure if topaz is the right stone for you? Keep reading for some more information and fun facts about this blue hued jewel. 

What Makes Topaz Blue

Topaz in its purest form is colorless. However, when combined with other natural minerals, it becomes allochromatic, creating a wide range of color potentials. Common variations in topaz hues can range from clear to deep chocolate brown. However, blue topaz is one of its rarest forms. In some cases, topaz is treated in labs to achieve either a Swiss Blue, London Blue or Sky Blue tone. 

Fun Facts About Topaz

The hardest silicate material on the planet is Topaz, making them favored by jewelers who prefer their durability. In fact, only two other minerals are considered harder than topaz – chrysoberyl and diamonds. In addition, topaz gemstones are among the largest crystals in existence. In one case, Brazilians unearthed a single topaz weighing almost 600 pounds. 

Interesting Legends and History 

Do you love learning about history and mythology? Topaz has been a favorite gemstone by many throughout the ages. Here are just a few interesting legends and beliefs about Topaz from the past: 

  • European Kings and Queens prized blue topaz because of its rarity, making it a favorite of royals from the Middle Ages through modern day.
  • Though topaz has been discovered as far back as ancient Egypt, most today’s topaz is mined in Brazil, as well as Mexico, Sri Lanka, Australia and Africa. 
  • Ancient Greeks thought topaz had the power to make people invisible.

Caring for Your Favorite Topaz Jewelry 

Topaz’ incredible strength and vibrant splendor make it a choice investment for fine jewelry enthusiasts. Whether you’re investing in a topaz ring for a friend’s birthday, or you’re adding a gorgeous new set of drop earrings to your own collection, it’s important that you know how to properly care for them. When they’re not being worn, topaz jewelry should always be kept in an enclosed container designed for housing jewelry. In addition, storing individual items in a velvet lined pouch can keep items from scratching one another during transport. If you do need to clean jewelry with a topaz stone, be sure to use only soap and water. While topaz is a very durable gemstone, certain chemicals could damage the surface or dull the color. Be sure to avoid wearing fine jewelry when doing strenuous activity or while in contact with cleaning chemicals or machinery that could damage your beautiful treasure. 

Are You Looking for Topaz in Atlanta, Georgia? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry 

Is it time for you to invest in your next topaz jewelry item? Whether you’re looking for a topaz engagement ring for your gorgeous bride, searching for a birthstone necklace for your mother’s special day, or are on the hunt for your own blue topaz accessory, we’re here to help. Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia, or browse through our inventory online at your own convenience. 

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