Choosing the Right Necklace Style

From birthdays and wedding days, to prom dances and day to day accessorizing, necklaces are an excellent way to make a fashion statement. Whether you prefer understated classic styles or opulent designs fit for a Queen, you’re sure to find the perfect piece when you visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia. At Royal Design, we provide some of the world’s most valuable and precious jewelry for the men and women in the metro Atlanta area. Our experts want to help you choose the right diamond necklace in Atlanta for your unique purpose. Here are a few considerations to make before finalizing your investment. 

Choose the Appropriate Necklace Style

Collar (14 Inches)

Throughout antiquity, the collar style necklace has been the most common and popular. They often sit just above the collar bone, making them great for a variety of necklines. 

Princess (18 inches)

Princess necklaces are longer than collar or choker varieties. They get their name from the style of necklaces so often worn by women of royal families throughout Europe and Russia. They normally sit below the collar bone and pairs best with plunging, scoop neck and sweetheart necklines. 

Opera (30 inches)

If you want to invest in a necklace with maximum versatility, then the Opera necklace may be the right choice. The bohemian inspired style often utilizes a single strand of beads, pearls or gemstones that can be wrapped 2-3 times around the neck in several lengths. 

Choker (16 inches)

Like the Collar necklace, chokers also stand extremely high and tight around the neck. Traditionally, chokers were often made of simple materials like ribbon, a single strand of pearls or strips of velvet with an attached brooch. Today’s modern world has made them trendy and popular again, and fine chokers can be found in a wide range of styles and designs. 

Matinee (22 inches)

Longer than the Princess style, yet shorter and more formal than the Opera variety, Matinee necklaces sit near the center of the bust. They are usually paired with high necklines, such as collared shirts or turtlenecks. 

Pick the Perfect Gemstones and Precious Metal

Once you have determined the style and length of your new necklace, the next step is to consider the materials. Your choice may depend on the occasion. For work or casual daily settings, simple designs made from rose gold or silver with delicate diamond or colored gemstones may be appropriate. More formal occasions or gifts may require a unique design, high quality and rare gemstones and premium precious metals such as platinum and 24k gold. 

Make it Personal

Necklaces that are purchased for anniversary gifts, wedding accents and prom accessories mark a special occasion. One way to commemorate the once in a lifetime memories is to personalize the necklace with something unique to the event. An engraving with the date or a quote that reminds the wearer of the day can be a great addition. Also, certain gemstones and precious metals can be used for birthdays and specific anniversary years. 

Are You Looking for a Necklace in Atlanta, Georgia? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry Today 

Do you need a beautiful, premium quality necklace for yourself or a loved one? Then visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia. Our highly trained, experienced jewelers are ready to answer your questions and can help you find the perfect necklace to suit your unique needs and style. 

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