Diamond Ring Resizing

While your fiancé likely put in hours of thought into choosing the best engagement ring, he may have gotten the size slightly wrong. This problem is a common issue among brides, and there’s no need to worry. Ring resizing is a popular service that can be performed by a qualified jeweler like those at Royal Design Fine Jewelry store in Atlanta, Georgia. Frustrated new brides aren’t the only ones who need to get their rings resized either. Perhaps you inherited your grandmother’s heirloom diamond ring, or the ring you wore twenty years ago, is a little too snug or loose. If any of these scenarios seem familiar, a ring resizing service may be the perfect solution. 

How to Determine if Your Ring is Sized Properly

Ideally, the ring should sit firmly on the finger, but be comfortable. It should glide on and off with ease, but remain in place even during times of vigorous movement. If you feel that the ring wants to slip off when your hands are in motion, or if it’s already fallen off once or twice unexpectedly, then you probably need a resize. Also, if the ring is difficult to remove, you may need to have the ring slightly enlarged so it can be easily taken off while cleaning, swimming or during other activities that could damage the ring. 

How Does Resizing Work?

Resizing is typically done when the correct fit is up to two sizes smaller or larger than its current form. To make the ring smaller, a jeweler will remove a small piece of the band, and reform it by soldering and polishing it back into its original state. When only a half size is up is required, the jeweler can stretch the metal out very carefully to fit the new shape. If a larger size is needed, the specialist will need to cut the ring, add extra metal, then solder and polish it to perfection. 

When is Resizing Not Possible?

Unfortunately, not all rings can be resized. For instance, a full eternity band has stones set in a complete circle around the band, meaning there won’t be any bare metal for the jeweler to work with. Also, certain metals like tungsten can be too hard or become damaged when attempting to resize it. In some cases, a professional can completely remake your ring to the specifications needed, but this requires specialized skills, extra time and added expense. Be sure to hire someone with experience. 

Why Ring Guards Aren’t Recommended Long Term

Some people try to avoid resizing their rings by using ring guards and similar methods of making their jewelry fit better. While this may work temporarily, long term use of these devices can cause extensive damage to your ring. They aren’t comfortable to wear and tend to scratch the surface of your precious metal. In addition, if the ring guard accidentally falls off, you could lose your ring entirely. Avoid the need for repair or replacement by investing in a ring resizing service before damage or loss occurs. 

Need Diamond Ring Resizing Services in Atlanta, GA? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry 

Are you interested in a diamond ring resizing service in Atlanta, Georgia or a surrounding metro area city? Then call or visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry today and find out how we can help. 

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