How to Clean a Diamond Ring?

Your diamond rings are more than just a beautiful accessory. Fine jewelry is an investment, and if you want to maintain your gem’s shimmer, you’ll need to treat it with care. Jewelry that is worn occasionally may hold its luster for many years. However, engagement, wedding and anniversary rings are often worn daily for decades. No matter how well you maintain the integrity of your rings, these pieces will eventually begin to accumulate oils, dirt and other forms of debris, causing them to become dull. The experts at Royal Design Fine Jewelry provide professional cleaning services for our clients. Over the years, we’ve helped countless men and women in Atlanta, Buckhead and other Metro area communities revitalize their favorite treasures. Here are a few tips on what you can do when you notice your diamond rings are starting to lose their sparkle. Diamond Rings Atlanta

What Kind of Residue is On the Ring?

The first step is to establish what kind of material has accumulated on your ring. Certain types of debris could require a stronger solvent. However, the most common residue found on jewelry consists of oils, hairspray, cosmetics and lotions. These substances are often easily removed with simple maintenance and cleaning techniques. If you work outdoors, with harsh chemicals or frequently come into contact with more abrasive products, you might consider taking your ring to a professional jeweler for regularly scheduled cleaning services. 

Basic Soap and Water Solution 

A simple and effective way to eliminate normal residue from your ring is with soap and water. Simply soak your ring in a bowl filled with a solution of quality dish washing soap and very warm water. After 20 to 40 minutes, you can remove the ring and gently wipe the surface with a soft cloth. 

The Dangers of Using Chemical Cleaners at Home

You may be tempted to buy chemical jewelry cleaners off the shelf. It’s best to steer clear of these. If the basic soap and water technique hasn’t worked, then you may need a more powerful solution. A jeweler will have experience and extensive training on how to properly use these kinds of chemicals in a way that won’t damage your ring. Make sure you avoid home jewelry cleaning machines as well. These devices can shake your stones out of their settings and scratch precious metals. 

Tips for Keeping Your Ring Clean in the Future

The best way to keep your diamond ring sparkling is to avoid getting debris on it in the first place. While some accumulation is inevitable, the less frequently your rings come into contact with dirt and potentially harmful products, the better. Store your ring safely when doing household chores, gardening, painting or any other activity that may negatively affect your rings luster. Remove your ring when applying cosmetics or hand lotions and be proactive by scheduling annual cleanings with a professional jeweler. 

Ready to Get Your Diamond Ring Shining Again? Call Royal Design Fine Jewelry

Has your ring started to lose its brilliance? Bring it back to life with help from the professional jewelers at Royal Design. Our experts will delicately remove even the most stubborn residue and restore your diamond rings back to its original radiance. 

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