The Most Popular Diamond Settings

Fashion is an amalgamation of many things, each of which has its own mix of details. These micro factors come to play a heavy role in making and remaking trends. In jewelry, diamond setting is one of the huge agent that make worlds of differences to the finished product. Diamond is a precious stone consisting of a clear and colorless, crystalline form of pure carbon the hardest naturally occurring substance. As It’s sort of natural beauty it definitely requires good and unique setting. While determining its appearance the factors which need to be ponder are it’s cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

Royal Design is one of the most popular company which provide stunning diamond setting which can be use in ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings etc. View our Diamond Settings to see our beautiful collections of diamond settings.

Prong Setting

Royal Design provides a prong setting in which a single diamond set in a traditional, plain mounting, usually with four or six prongs are used. This makes the diamond look rounder and bigger when viewed from a distance. This prong setting is also the classic setting of diamond which is provided by Royal Design in very effective modern style.

Despite of that Royal Design also offer a spectacular convenient diamond setting that is:

Channel setting 

In which stones are placed closely together, side by side, with no prongs in between them. Stones are fixed with the help of metal around it. Channel-set wedding bands give a special look to people with active lifestyle work (people of supports can easily carry their jewelry accessory with channel setting) and this setting is ideal for people who don’t like to take off their rings often, as there are no prongs to get caught on clothing, just like bezels.

Bezel-setting for daily use

Royal design provides a diamond or gemstone is secured by metal that is smoothed all the way around its edges. Round bezels are used frequently in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. They’re a favorite among our customers you can also wear bezels all of the time without having to worry about prongs loosening or getting caught on clothing.  

Tension-Setting for wedding wear

Tension-set is exactly what it sounds like—metal of tension is used to held the stone actually. The stone sits in the planetary among the two exposed tops of the mounting. This allows you to see the stone in almost its wholeness. You can see the culet (the pointed part underneath the stone) which is usually hidden by a mounting. If you want a modern engagement ring unlike the rest, consider a tension set diamond from Royal Design!

Illusion setting for party wear

When Royal Design is meant to make the diamond look larger they use illusion setting. This style is seen in many antique pieces, like with this setting the prepared Antique rings, earrings, necklace, bracelet can easily make yourself attractive in gathering or seminar. 

Gypsy setting for both man and women

Gypsy setting is one of the lesser known styles but Royal Design also provides a well-organized setting in gypsy style. Rings with gypsy setting can also be used for man’s wear which looks very decent to them.

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