Difference Between Anniversary and Eternity Rings

Have you been looking for an extra special way to tell your husband or wife, “I love you”? Then consider giving your spouse an unforgettable anniversary or eternity ring. These popular diamond bands are a great way to commemorate the many years you have already shared, and to celebrate your continued commitment to one another. We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry, proudly provide the world’s most stunning diamond rings, accessories and luxury watches. Are you unsure what the difference is between an eternity ring and an anniversary ring? Read below to learn more, and to decide which option is best for you. 

What Is an Anniversary Ring?

An anniversary ring is a traditional jewelry gift that is designed to enhance the beauty of an existing wedding ring. While many choose to invest in an anniversary ring to commemorate an actual anniversary, they can be presented at any time, but will still be considered an anniversary ring. In most cases, these rings are bands made from white or yellow gold, with a single row of diamonds across the top. 

How Is an Eternity Ring Different? 

An eternity ring is very similar to an anniversary ring, and in fact serves the same purpose. However, there is one major difference. While an anniversary ring has a row of diamonds along the top of the gold band, an eternity ring will have diamonds that go all the way around. The unique name was given because the row of diamonds creates a complete circle with no ending. Since an eternity ring will always have more diamonds and gemstones included in the setting, they are often more valuable than a conventional anniversary ring. 

What Kind of Style Options Are Available for Both Anniversary and Eternity Rings? 

Though the most common style is a single row of beautiful pavè diamonds, both anniversary and eternity rings come in a variety of interesting designs. Some choose a garland style, which features two rows of diamonds for extra brilliance. Infinity or petite twists with micropavè diamonds are also a popular option. You can also incorporate your own unique combination of colorless and fancy diamonds, or your spouse’s birthstone for added flair and personality. If you want a truly one of a kind ring, consider investing in a custom design from a professional jeweler. 

Do You Need a Diamond Eternity or Anniversary Ring? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry 

Are you searching for diamond eternity or anniversary rings in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area? If so, then call or visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry today. Our team of professionally trained and experienced jewelers can help you choose the perfect diamond gifts for your loved ones. Our experts also offer a wide range of professional services including custom design, resizing, stone replacements, jewelry repair and more. Do you live outside of the Atlanta area? You can still make a purchase from our incredible selection of premium diamonds and gemstones from the comfort of your smart phone, tablet or computer. 

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