Fancy Diamonds for a One of a Kind Look

Are you searching for a unique engagement ring that’s as brilliant as your beautiful bride to be? Have you been on the lookout for an amazing one of a kind accessory to add to your jewelry collection? Then fancy diamonds may be the perfect option for your next investment. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we offer nature’s most luxurious treasures for our clients in Atlanta, Georgia and around the globe. Our team of specialists enjoy helping our customers find the perfect treasure, and we want to do the same for you. Here are some reasons why fancy diamonds can help make your next ring, bracelet, necklace pendant or earring set an extra special treat. 

Fancy Colored Diamonds

The term fancy diamonds are most often used in two different contexts. Most frequently, “fancy diamonds” refer to multi-hued diamonds that come in a rainbow of colors. Many people assume that all diamonds are clear. However, natural diamonds can be found in almost every shade under the sun thanks to interaction with certain minerals and gases during the growth process. For example, nitrogen can create brown or yellow diamonds, while boron offers a beautiful blue tone. Other popular diamond varieties are pink, red, orange, purple, black and green. Some of these fancy colored diamonds are so rare, they surpass clear diamonds in terms of value. 

Fancy Cut Diamonds

The word “fancy” can also be used to describe the cut of a diamond. The most popular diamond shape available in today’s market is the “brilliant round”. Therefore, the phrase “fancy shaped” is commonly used to describe a diamond or gemstone that comes in a different cut. This can include oval, pear, heart, trilliant, marquise, emerald, asscher, baguette and more. While investing in a fancy cut diamond offers an exclusive design, the best feature is the value. Brilliant round diamonds are sought after because of their brilliant luster and shine, which is achieved by the dozens of facets carved along its surface. However, all of the shaping means chipping away a large portion of the diamond. This means when you purchase a fancy cut diamond, you’re going to get a luxurious look for less. 

Creating Custom Designs

Want to make your fine jewelry piece even more personalized? Consider creating a custom jewelry design. This is an excellent option if you’re buying a gift for yourself, or if you are very in touch with recipient’s personality and style. In addition to choosing a fancy color and shape, you can choose a rare setting and include your favorite gemstone and diamond accents. It can also help to add a personalized message or date to ensure that your new shining gift is truly memorialized. 

Looking for a Fancy Diamond Accessory? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry Today

Is it time to make your next fine jewelry investment? Whether you’re looking for a wedding ring for your amazing girlfriend or you need a glistening diamond accessory for your next special occasion, the experts at Royal Design are ready to help you find the ultimate treasure. Visit our Atlanta, Georgia location or browse our extensive online inventory today. 

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