February Birthstone: Amethyst

Are you looking for a new ring or necklace to wear on your birthday this February? Have you been searching for one of a kind gifts for a spouse, friend or family member who was born in the second month of the year? We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry, are excited to offer the world’s most luxurious diamond and amethyst accented jewelry for clients in Atlanta, Georgia and across the United States. Do you want some more information about February’s purple hued birthstone? Here are some interesting facts about amethyst and some tips on how you can find the perfect treasure for your next special occasion. 

Why is Amethyst the Chosen Gem for February Birthdays?

Amethyst has been a contender for February birthdays since the 15th century, along with pearl and hyacinth. This gorgeous purple stone has also been aligned with the Zodiac sign of Pisces, for those born between February 19th and March 20th. It was common for birthstone associations to fluctuate based upon region and culture prior to the 20th century, but the official birthstone standards were set by the National Association of Jewelers in 1912. Though some updates have been made over the decades, amethyst has always remained the chosen gem for February in the US and Britain. 

Fun Facts About Amethyst

Its rich grape tone inspired the ancients, who thought the amethyst stone was a perfect representation of Bacchus, the Greek god of wine. Some even wore amethyst jewelry to ward off intoxication or drunkenness, which is where it gets its original name “amethystos”, meaning not drunk. Other cultures held the purple gem in high esteem as well, including Tibetan Buddhists who used it to assist with meditation. Leonardo da Vinci also admired the stone, saying that it helped support an individual’s intellect and defended against harmful thoughts. 

Color Variations and Origin

Amethysts are a specific variety of quartz and range in tone from subtly pink to deep velvet. Russia was the world’s most abundant source of amethyst before the 19th century, until more mines were discovered in Sri Lanka, Brazil and Uruguay. Most of today’s amethyst stones are mined in South America, but deposits have also been found in many areas of the world, including South Korea, Austria, Africa, Canada and the United States.

The World’s Most Famous Amethyst Jewelry

Since amethyst has been a favorite of royalty since the beginning of civilization, there are many stunning examples of amethyst jewelry. One ancient treasure is an amethyst engraving of Caracalla, which was once housed in the Treasury of Sainte-Chapelle. Catherine the Great of Russia was also a fan of Amethyst and had a large collection of elaborate jewelry which included these regal gems. A modern favorite is Cartier’s amethyst bib necklace worn by the Duchess of Windsor in 1953.

Are You Looking for Amethyst Jewelry in Atlanta, GA? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry Today

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