Fine Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Do you need an Atlanta jewelry store with incredible diamond accessories that will put a smile on her face? Whether you're looking for a special anniversary gift or you want to purchase your own memento for Women's History Month, then a new diamond accessory is the perfect way to celebrate. Royal Design Fine Jewelry provides the metro Atlanta, Georgia, area with the world's most exquisite rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and luxury watches. Finding the right piece to add to your collection can be challenging, but it's important that every woman has at least one of the following staple pieces in her wardrobe.

Hoop Earrings

If you already have a large collection of stud earrings, then it's a good idea to branch out with a few pairs of classic hoops. They look great no matter the occasion and can spice up your look without going over the top. Your hoops can come in yellow, white, or even rose gold; and can be purchased in a variety of different sizes and thicknesses. Upgrade simple hoops with diamonds or colorful precious stones. Hoops are larger earrings, but they can still enhance any outfit without feeling overwhelming. It's true that any diamond accessory is going to be timeless, but hoops provide an opportunity to express your unique style.

Showstopping Bracelet

While a necklace can enhance a wardrobe, a beautiful bracelet can truly add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Whether you're attending a special event or donning casual office wear, a diamond tennis bracelet or delicate gold band can truly elevate your style in any situation.

Luxury Timepiece

If you really want to stand out of the crowd, consider investing in a luxury watch. While the initial effect will be similar to a gold or diamond bracelet, the statement is much more impactful. A Rolex or Cartier timepiece adds a level of sophistication that is hard to match with any other accessory.

Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces have taken on a different connotation in recent years. In the past, the term may have brought up images of audacious pieces that were temporarily trendy but held less long-term value. Today's statement pieces are much more simple and refined but still pack a punch when it comes to the meaning or message being conveyed while being worn. Choose a diamond pendant that expresses more nuanced details about your lifestyle, beliefs, or personality.

Cocktail Ring

While diamond engagement rings may be one of the most popular fine jewelry purchases, women don't need to limit themselves when it comes to diamonds or gold. Whether you are single and eager to wear a beautiful ring that highlights your unique look, or you want a gorgeous right-hand cocktail ring that brings balance to your style, this is an essential item to keep in your fine jewelry collection.

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If you've been looking online for a jewelry store in Atlanta, Georgia, or a surrounding metro area neighborhood, then you have found the right solution. The fine jewelry experts at Royal Design are ready to help you find the perfect piece. Whether your purchase is for your own personal investment or you're searching for a memorable gift that will showcase your love and appreciation, we are ready to help. Visit our Atlanta, Georgia, location today, or browse our extensive inventory online.

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