Fine Jewelry Favorites for Fall

Are you a style maven who likes to stay on trend but only prefer to wear luxury accessories? We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia, are excited to offer our client’s the world’s most stunning diamonds and gemstones. Our team of experts enjoy helping our customers find the perfect treasure for any occasion. Here are some creative ways to adapt this fall’s fine jewelry purchases to fit the fresh fashions seen on recent runways.

Bold Earrings

This fall season is all about making bold statements. Try invoking this stylish fashion trend with earrings that demand attention. Dramatic drop earrings in ornate styles are perfect. If you want to test out this look in a more subtle way for daytime wear, a chunky diamond and gold hoop earring set will give you plenty of attention whether you’re at the office or enjoying a night on the town. 

Colorful Bracelets 

The current fashion season has embraced the full spectrum of color. Showcase all hues of the rainbow with a showstopping tennis bracelet in an array of colored gemstones. Create an even more colorful ensemble by wearing clothing that accentuates your gems. 


Pretty pearls have been rising in popularity for the last several years. Make this classic look more unique by layering a strand of shimmering white or black pearls with a dainty gold pendant or diamond necklace to update the look for the coming fall and winter seasons. 

Pear Shaped Diamonds and Gemstones

Do you have plans to walk down the aisle this autumn? Then choose a unique cut or design to stand out from the crowd. Pear shaped diamond engagement rings are this year’s latest rising star. This unique shape looks stunning with a basic gold band or accented with your favorite brightly colored gemstones like emerald, ruby or citrine. Emerald cut stones are also a favorite this year, as it invokes the artistry and romance of Art Deco style. Modernize it with an interesting diamond accented setting. 

Mixed Metals and Gemstones

One way to utilize the mix and match fashion of the moment is to combine tones of precious metal. Interesting contrasts may include white gold or platinum with pink and pretty rose gold. Or you might love the classic yellow gold and sterling silver mix. Make the contrast more pronounced with your choice of gemstones. For example, you can combine your diamonds with deep black Onyx or Tahitian pearls. Play around with the color wheel by choosing two opposing shades like yellow diamonds and amethyst, or emeralds and crimson rubies. 

Looking for Luxury Accessories in Atlanta, GA? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry

Are you searching for the perfect fall accessory? Then visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry today. Our jewelers will help you find a unique item that fits your personality and needs. Do you live outside of the Atlanta, Georgia area? You can still enjoy our beautiful diamond treasures. Browse our extensive online inventory from anywhere in the US. 

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