Gem Showcase: Garnet

The garnet is a gemstone with a history as rich as its vibrant colors. Since man’s first civilizations, men and women have sought to add garnet adorned treasures to their collections. Garnets are the birthstone of people who came into the world in January, one of the coldest months of the year, perhaps to serve as a reminder that the warmth of the sun would soon return. It’s also the officially recognized gemstone of the 2nd marriage anniversary and is a popular choice for young couples who are still celebrating the first years of their commitment of love to one another. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we strive to bring the world’s most beautiful jewelry to our local Atlanta, Georgia community for customers to enjoy. Garnets are one of the many varieties of gemstones available in our stores. 

Garnet Fun Facts

  • Garnet is the exclusive gemstone of those born in January. The beautiful, fiery red glow of Garnet should warm the heart of anyone who’s celebrating a birthday in the first month of the year. 
  • Many people associate Garnet only with its most common red variety, but it can be found in a wide range of colors including blue, pink, yellow, purple, green and even colorless. 
  • The mineral properties of Garnet create a texture similar to glass or amber. 
  • The term “garnet” can be derived from two different sources. The Latin word for seed is “granum”, which means the original use of the word could come from the bright red arils of the pomegranate fruit that garnets are so often compared to. In English, the word “gernet” was often used to describe dark red.
  • They are used for many different purposes in the manufacturing and industrial industries, and are often used to cut steel in water jet cutting, sand blasting and polishing. 

Most Common Varieties of Garnets

Almandine (or almandite) – Also known as carbuncle, this variety of Garnet is an iron-aluminum stone that’s been in use in Asia Minor since ancient times. Their rich red color makes them popular to use as gemstones.

Andradite – Andradite garnets can be found in many different colors, including black, brown, green, red and yellow. 

Blue Garnet – These magical gemstones changes from blue green to deep purple depending on changes in lighting. 

Pyrope – These garnets are known commonly called Bohemian Garnets because of the popularity of the stones mined from an area of the Czech Republic. They have a very deep red tone and were in high demand during the Victorian era. 

Spessartine – Spessartines are an orange-yellow hued variety of garnet that’s mined in Madagascar, Colorado and Main. 

Garnets Throughout History 

Garnets have been widely found in excavations of ancient sites. From pharaonic tombs to the collections of royal families, garnets have been a cherished and popular choice for jewelry lovers across millennia. The Roman soldiers and medieval clergy often used carved garnet gemstones as signet rings for sealing wax on state or church documents. They were a favorite of church members throughout the ages, as many treated the rich red tone of the gem as a representation of Christ’s sacrifice. The Sissi Cross is one of the most famous garnet accentuated jewels in history. The gorgeous gold and garnet cross was a gift from the Austria-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph II to his wife Elisabeth. It was said that she carried the cross with her for emotional and spiritual support during times of great sorrow and joy. 

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