Gemstone Spotlight: Moonstone


Shimmering like a mysterious treasure from a different realm, moonstone immediately evokes a sense of beauty and awe. This highly sought after stone has been adored for millennia, and can make an incredibly unique and illuminating gift for yourself or someone you love. When combined with the brilliant polish of a platinum or gold band, it’s value and allure increase even more. Have you been looking for Moonstone jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia or a nearby metro area community? Then call or visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, GA today. We also love this intriguing gemstone, which is why we chose it for this month’s Gemstone Spotlight. 

What is Moonstone?

Moonstone is a natural stone found in mines from Armenia to Australia. They come in a variety of color tones, including blue, grey, pink, green, peach and brown. However, Moonstone is often thought of in its most common and popular form, a snowy, iridescent white. The stone itself is made from a sodium potassium aluminum silicate belonging to the feldspar group. This unique combination of elements unites to create the incredible diffraction effect that gives Moonstone it’s signature opalescent luster. 

History and Significance of Moonstone

Since the beginning of civilization, Moonstone has been prized for its beauty. Citizens of ancient Rome thought the stone was created by rays of moonlight, hence its name. In fact, the gemstone has been associated with Roman, Grecian and other similar lunar deities for thousands of years. In more recent time, Moonstones highly influenced Art Nouveau jewelry and accentuated outstanding pieces created by famous jewelers of the era, including Rene Lalique. Moonstone is also a birthstone for people born in the month of August, and is the official state gemstone of Florida, chosen because of the Kennedy Space Centers moon landing. 

How to Incorporate Moonstone in Your Fine Jewelry Collection

Moonstone makes a beautiful gemstone for anyone whose style range from classical, romantic, fantasy or modern chic. Its versatility makes it an incredible choice for those looking for a beautiful alternative to conventional diamonds. Moonstone can also elevate the elegance factor for statement pieces like cocktail rings, chandelier earrings or intricately designed necklaces. They look stunning combined with other popular stones, like flawless diamonds, rubies and emerald, and perfectly accentuate the brilliance of pearls. Whether their used to accentuate the setting of an engagement ring or the main feature of a Princess style necklace fit for a Moon Goddess, you’re sure to fall in love with this gorgeous gemstone. 

Looking for Moonstone in Atlanta, GA? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry Today

Are you looking for a unique anniversary gift? Does your bride to be swoon for moonstone? Are you trying ot find the perfect piece to wear for your Parisian honeymoon or luxury cruise? Then visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia, and our experts will help you find the perfect piece for your next gift or personal collection. Our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced jewelers will work with you one on one, to help you find exactly what you need. 

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