GIA Certification Process for Diamonds

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring for your new bride, an anniversary present for your spouse or a mesmerizing set of earrings for your next special occasion, it’s important that you get the best return on your investment. Many of the factors that contribute to a diamonds value can’t be perceived by the naked eye. If you or a loved one ever chooses to sell the diamond at a fair price, the buyer will likely require certification or will want the stone to become certified before finalizing their purchase. Choosing a GIA certified loose diamond will ensure that the diamonds you’re investing have been evaluated by one of the world’s leading geological associations. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia, we take pride in our beautiful GIA certified diamonds, and encourage you to visit our location today so you can discover your next treasure. Many of our clients see that our diamonds are GIA certified, but aren’t quite sure what it means. Here, we explain the five-step process for curious customers. 

Diamond is Received by the GIA Laboratory

In the first step of the certification, the diamond is received by the GIA laboratory. Diamonds are excepted both by international mail or hand delivered submissions on location. Your diamond will then receive a serial number that will be used continuously throughout the entire process. Any names, company logos or other identifying information is left out to ensure complete and total objectivity by GIA’s professional graders. 

Measuring Proportion and Carat Weight

Next, the diamond will be precisely measured by an electronic micro-balance to determine its exact carat weight and size. It’s at this time that an initial review is conducted to determine if the stone is an authentic diamond, or if it is made from other natural or synthetic materials. 

Scoring Clarity and Color

Then, the diamond is evaluated for its level of clarity and color. The level of clarity is chosen by viewing the stone under high magnification, where it is checked for inclusions that may be present. A map is then created to show the location of any flaws that are discovered. The diamond will also be compared to a set of master stones, which indicate it’s color grade from D to Z. 

Assessing the Diamond’s Cut and Brilliance

Finally, the stone will be judged by the level of brilliancy the existing cut creates. The diamond’s fire, scintillation, symmetry, facet angles, polish, proportion and brightness are all taken into careful consideration during this step. 

Final Certification and Secure Return of the Diamond to Its Owner

After being effectively evaluated by multiple expert gemologists, GIA will issue a certificate which will determine its overall value. The report will contain a hologram, microprint lines and other security features to ensure the evaluation is authentic and will be placed into a protective sleeve and presented to the owner of the diamond. 

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