Halo Vs. Halo Engagement Rings

When getting an engagement ring, there are many things to consider, from the design to the price. However, asking yourself pertinent questions can help you make an informed decision that will help you get a high-quality jewelry piece without breaking the bank. Most people usually think that making extra additions like a halo to your engagement ring will maximize the ring’s budget. Don’t let all these assumptions limit your engagement ring options. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we have a jewelry expert who can help you make the right decision from the catalog of our jewelry store and provide information on halo engagement rings.

Halo Engagement Rings

Originally from the 18th century during the Georgian Era, diamond halo rings still hold a significant amount of popularity in the present day. The diamond halo has several outstanding features, such as multiple or single rows made of small, round diamonds surrounding the center stone. A diamond halo is not confined to a circular shape and can be added to different shapes in the center. A diamond halo can enhance the appearance of the diamond ring by adding up to full carat size. We can help you choose the most suitable halo style for you to make your engagement ring more stunning. Some of the halo styles that can help you enhance the appeal of your engagement ring include:

The Classic Halo

This design features a single line of well-paved diamond that surrounds the center stone, bringing a lustrous glow of brilliance and sparkle. Our jewelry experts are skilled and experienced, so you can relax knowing that a professional makes your engagement ring magnificent. Adding a paved diamond band around the center stone creates the perfect blend of the setting and the band.

The Double Halo

As the name suggests, the double halo features two rows of pave diamonds that add more surface area to the ring’s center stone. If you are looking for that "wow" factor, then a double halo is an excellent choice for a remarkably dazzling engagement ring. We recommend this type of halo style for people looking for eye-catching engagement rings.

The Double-Edge Halo

This halo style is similar to the double halo in that it has two rows of paved diamonds. However, one row surrounds the center stone facing upward, while the other lines the edge of the halo facing outward, which increases the sparkle. The additional halo alongside the halo is an excellent design guaranteed to attract any curious eye.

The Triple-Edge Halo

This design features a lot of diamonds and consists of three rows of paved diamonds. The triple-edge halo has rows facing in every direction, which enhances the sparkle from every angle. One row faces the top, the other faces sideways, and the last one faces the bottom. You don’t have to worry about adding sparkle to your ring with the triple-edge halo.

At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we are dedicated to helping you find the most suitable halo engagement rings. We have a great selection of fine diamond jewelry, guaranteeing to satisfy your needs. Contact our jewelry store and get top-quality jewelry without breaking the bank.

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