Hints Your Partner is Ready to Get Engaged

Have you considered asking your partner to take the next step? Proposing marriage can be both exciting and intimidating. One way to ease the anxiety is to look for clues that your significant other is ready to make a lasting commitment. We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry, are excited to offer the world’s most brilliant diamond engagement rings and wedding bands for our clients in Atlanta, Georgia and across the United States. Are you wondering if the time is right to ask the big question? Here are some common signs that they are ready to say, “I do.” 

They Have a Sudden Interest in Wedding Themed TV Shows and Movies

Does your potential fiancé watch Say Yes to the Dress episodes for hours on end? Has she been streaming Monster in Law and My Big Fat Greek Wedding online? Even if your love always enjoys a good romantic movie, noticing a new appreciation for wedding themed entertainment is a good clue that she’s dreaming about walking down the aisle herself. 

Interest in Other Couple’s Wedding Announcements

Do you notice that your love gets excited about the marriages of friends or work associates? Have they invited you to tag along for one or more weddings in the past few months? If they seem to make a show of their love of wedding ceremonies, they might be giving you a hint. 

Their Family and Friends Have Discussed the Possibility of Marriage with You

Have you already been introduced to their friends, parents, siblings and extended family? Do you know them all well enough that they’ve given you their blessing, or expressed their enthusiasm for your relationship? If they are already acting like you're part of the family, and talk about your future marriage, then it may be time to move forward. 

The Future is a Frequent Topic of Conversation 

If they are always dreaming about buying a house, talk about having children or discuss places they want to settle down, then they are already including you in future plans. This likely means they are including you in important life decisions, and are likely committed to life partnership. 

They Want to Look at Rings When Shopping 

The engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of lasting love and is the highlight of the proposal. If they can’t go to the mall or shopping center without peeking at the diamond rings, they are trying to let you know they want one on their finger.

Are You Ready to Propose? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry and Choose Your Engagement Ring

Have you decided that it’s time to walk down the aisle? Then visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia today. Our experienced jewelers are ready to help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring. Do you live too far away to visit our physical location? You can still find the treasure you’re looking for by browsing our extensive online inventory, from the comfort of your smart phone, tablet or computer. 

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