History of the Marquise Cut Diamond

While the Marquise diamond is a slightly less popular style choice than the princess or brilliant cut gems, their interesting history and many benefits continue to makes the Marquise an elegant option for engagement rings. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we’re proud to offer some of the world’s most beautiful diamond accessories for our clients in Atlanta, Georgia and around the globe. Have you been considering a Marquise cut diamond or colored gemstone? Then you’ll enjoy learning more about this fantastic classic.

The Royal History of the Marquise Cut 

In the French aristocracy, a Marquise indicates the rank below Duke and above Count. The Marquise cut diamond was specifically designed for a very special Marquise, Jean Antoinette Poisson – also known as Madame de Pompadour. This infamous royal lady of the French court was the mistress of Louis XV and one of his closest political advisors. Louis commissioned the gem, asking that she receive a jewel which matched the shape of her lips. After the luxurious gift was presented to her, it became a favorite accessory for other titled Marquises at the royal court for many decades. The specific design was often referenced in French as a “navette” diamond, named so after it’s resemblance to a “little boat”. 

Benefits of Investing in a Marquise Diamond

Marquise diamonds offer a lot of unique benefits. Its shape offers a stone which appears much larger than its carat weight provides when using alternative designs. Also, because of its dual pointed ends, it has a very slenderizing affect, which makes fingers seem long, narrow and elegant. Because of its illusionary magic, marquise diamonds and gems are frequently chosen for rings, particularly engagement, wedding ring or anniversary rings. 

Considerations to Make Before Purchasing Your Marquise Diamond or Gemstone

While this exquisite design is a great choice, there are a few considerations to make when choosing your stone or ring. Because of the narrowness of its ends, the tips can be prone to chipping if they aren’t encased in the proper prongs. This problem is easily remedied by choosing a setting with V shaped prongs. In addition, poorly cut marquise can sometimes become warped, appearing off balance and misshapen. The bow tie effect can also be found more frequently among marquise diamonds, a condition where there is a slight change of color in the middle of the stone. Be sure to closely examine the diamond before choosing a jewelry piece. 

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