Holiday Accessories

The holiday season is full of social events. From family gatherings and cocktails with friends to work parties and New Year’s champagne toasts, the winter months bring with it a desire to spend time with others. It’s a time of glitz and glamour, and there’s no better way to stand out of the crowd than showcasing your beauty with exquisite and luxurious accessories. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we provide Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding metro area with the world’s most treasured gemstones and precious metals. Our team of experts enjoys helping Atlanta residents find pieces for their jewelry collection that reflect their unique style. Here are few tips to help you do the same this winter.

Gemstone Stud Earrings

Gemstone stud earrings are a sophisticated, classic choice for holiday accessorizing. The single stone reveals the elegance of simplicity. When a piece of jewelry is stripped of elaborate designs, the stone itself must be of exceptional quality to embody the same level of artistry. While diamond stud earrings are certainly the most common, colored stones can also make a powerful statement. Try Blue Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald for a fabulous and festive look. 

Holiday Brooch

Brooches are a classic jewelry statement that reflects the class and charm of a past era. The fact that brooches aren’t worn as often in our modern day is their most attractive feature. Wearing a holiday brooch is a great way to set yourself apart. Take a 21st century twist on a 20th century classic with a minimalist geometric pin that matches current trends. Or, turn up the vintage vibe of the piece by wearing a traditional holiday design like a diamond and silver snowflake or ruby, emerald and gold enhanced Christmas tree. 

Statement Ring 

Holding a martini glass or champagne flute suddenly becomes much more glamorous when wearing a gorgeous cocktail ring. Statement rings are an excellent way to reflect your personal style without overwhelming your complete look. It’s you’re chance to have fun, so don’t be afraid to choose a showy piece. Large, colorful and dramatic is the way to go. 

Luxury Watch

Staying on task isn’t always easy during the holidays. Most people’s schedules become very hectic. Stay focused and always arrive on time by wearing a luxury watch, the most practical fine jewelry accessory. Now that many people prefer using cell phones and smart watches to keep up with their daily responsibilities, the timeless elegance of a beautiful watch is more effective than ever before. For the office, a basic white gold or silver timepiece is a great choice, but when it comes to special occasions, don’t be afraid to add diamonds, gemstones and unique designs. 

Are You Looking for the Perfect Holiday Accessory in Atlanta? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry 

Is it time for you to start thinking about what you’ll be wearing this holiday season? From diamond rings to gemstone pendants, Royal Design Fine Jewelry will have the perfect accessory. Whether you need a beautiful piece of fine jewelry in Atlanta to add to your collection, or you’re shopping for a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one, the specialists at Royal Design are ready to help. Visit our Atlanta, Georgia location today. 

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