How Diamonds Are Made

Many people like to buy diamonds in Atlanta, GA, but they aren’t always aware of why the fine jewelry they purchase retains such a high value. While you may simply be looking for a gift from a luxury jewelry store in Atlanta, it’s important to remember how rare and powerful the diamonds you purchase truly are. The professionals at Royal Design Fine Jewelry enjoy helping local customers find the perfect diamond accessories for themselves and their loved ones. Have you ever wondered how diamonds are created in nature? Read below for some fun and interesting facts.

A Brief History of Diamonds

Believe it or not, naturally occurring diamonds were created billions of years ago, when the planet was still being formed. It is believed that humans discovered diamonds near the Krishna and Godavari Rivers in India around the 4th century BC. They were first traded widely along the Silk Road, making their way into China, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean soon after.

How Diamonds Are Created

Diamonds are made from carbon that has undergone extreme heat and pressure. To find an area on the earth where such conditions are present, humans would have to dig more than 100 miles deep into the earth’s surface to get near the core, where the molten heat of our planet’s center is powerful enough to create diamonds. Carbon atoms can combine to build a crystalline material called graphite. When the heat and pressure are intense enough, it can alter the atomic structure of the graphite, which forces the bonds to transform into a much stronger substance - which we call diamonds.

How Do Diamonds Make Their Way to the Surface for Mining?

Now that you know that diamonds are created in the central core of the earth, you might wonder how humans could get their hands on them. Diamonds are actually transported via volcanic activity. Kimberlitic magma is forced through volcanic pipes, and the violent movement of a volcanic eruption can displace diamonds from their original home closer to the surface of the earth’s crust.

Why Are Diamonds So Valuable?

Now that you know that many of the diamonds on our planet have been around since the formation of the earth itself, you can probably appreciate the unique value of a diamond. The conditions required for nature to produce diamonds are so extreme that life cannot exist under that level of heat and pressure. Since a volcanic eruption is needed to bring the diamonds within a minable distance, the regions where diamonds can be found are minimal, making diamonds rare.

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