How to Choose a Wedding Band

Now that you have proposed to your partner with a stunning engagement ring, it is important to understand what it takes to choose the right diamond wedding ring.

What are the basics you should know about?

There are basically three categories you can find any wedding ring, these are; the Plain, diamond and gemstone and Royal Design can help you choose 100% original rings from the three categories.

The plane wedding ring comprises a metal band, with no gemstones, but may come with embellishments such as contrasting metal inlays. The plane wedding ring is also referred to as comfort fit and has inner round edge. The diamond wedding ring usually has diamonds completely or partially surrounding the ring. These rings do come with diverse shank settings which include the bezel, shared prong, flush mount, and channel. 

The Gemstone bands usually come with sapphire, or any other gemstone you can think off. Gemstone bands may also contain diamond.  

You may want to choose your wedding band based on any of these categories, they come at diverse options and prices. 

The type of metal 

When it comes to metals, diamond rings are usually set in platinum and Gold because they are very durable and will protect the priceless stones within. You should consider this when choosing your wedding band.

The platinum metal is a great choice for wedding band because it offers superior resistance to Oxidation and corrosion. Platinum can also be brought back to shine if it loses its allure. 

Gold is predominantly yellow, but sometimes it also comes in white or rose color and can be mixed with different alloys. Gold electroplated with Rhodium will help retain and protect the white tone of the gold. Other metals you may want to consider include; Cobalt, Palladium or Tungsten. You may consider the Tungsten metal wedding band because it is highly resistant to scratching and tarnishing. You may want to consider the Palladium metal band because it is lightweight and very rare, and it is a durable metal that will not get tarnished. The Cobalt metal band is scratch-resistant and comes in black and white colors.

Are you looking to match the wedding band or complement it?

Choosing the right wedding ring will bother on whether you want a wedding ring that will complement or a match. The perfect match for a wedding ring is when the size of the diamonds in the ring along with the style, and the metal of the engagement ring are visually similar. If you want a perfect match, you need to know the curvature of the engagement ring too, to create that perfect seamless fit. 

If you want a complementary match, then you need a wedding ring that will flatter the engagement ring. The wedding ring should pair perfectly with the engagement ring, rather than match it. If you want a complimentary wedding ring, for instance, you may choose a diamond wedding ring that is paired with a sapphire side gemstone. 

For more information on complementing or matching your wedding ring with an engagement ring, you can contact Royal Design, right now!

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