How to Choose Men’s Wedding Ring

Since wedding rings represent the lasting commitment of marriage, most couples spend a great deal of time on the selection process. Women’s engagement rings come in such a wide array of unique styles, but men’s options have been limited. Thankfully today’s grooms have a much wider range of gemstones and precious metals to choose from, and Royal Design Fine Jewelry is excited to offer beautiful luxury men’s wedding bands for our clients in Atlanta, Georgia and around the country. Are you wondering which options are best for your wedding day? Here are the most popular precious metals that can be elegantly paired with diamonds or colored gemstones for a unique, one of a kind men’s wedding ring that is sure to be treasured for many years to come. 

White Gold 

The beautiful shine and luster are features that continue to make white gold a popular choice for wedding rings. It is also a durable material, due to its unique alloy mixture and rhodium plating. This is an excellent choice for a man who is sleek and sophisticated. 

Yellow Gold

Classic yellow gold offers a rich hue that’s almost as warm and brilliant as the sun itself. It’s for this reason that yellow gold has always been a favorite of royalty and wealthy individuals since the beginning of civilization. Choose yellow gold for men who enjoy regal and traditional looks that will never go out of style. 

Rose Gold

It is common for brides and grooms to choose rings in matching styles, since they symbolize their union. Rose gold has become increasingly popular for modern bride’s, and so men around the world are proudly embracing this stunning precious metal. It is the combination of gold and copper that gives this rose hued tone it’s incredible shade. 

Two Tone Gold

Does your groom prefer yellow or white gold, but he wants to include rose gold to reflect your beautiful engagement ring? Is he looking for an exclusive style that exemplifies both the classic look of yellow gold and the contemporary style of white gold? A two tone gold wedding band offers the best of both worlds by combining two different varieties of gold in one piece of jewelry. This design technique can be utilized for optimum individuality and flexibility. 

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