How To Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring isn’t a decision anyone should take lightly. For most women, their wedding ring will be the most expensive and valuable jewelry item in their collection. Earrings and necklaces are important investments as well, but will be worn selectively. An engagement ring and wedding band will be worn on your hand every day for the rest of your life. Therefore, many couples are now taking a practical approach, and working together to find the perfect engagement ring. Are you searching for an engagement ring in Atlanta, Georgia? Royal Design is a premiere fine jewelry store in Atlanta. Our family has been helping couples find the perfect engagement ring since 1980 and want to help you do the same. Becoming informed before making a final purchase will ensure that you find a ring that you’ll be happy and proud to wear for decades to come.  

Choose a Style and Shape that Reflects Your Personality

The style of diamond you choose should reflect your own personal lifestyle. The most popular shapes are round, princess, pear, oval, marquis and heart. Those who prefer nostalgic pieces, and surround themselves with traditional designs will love the classic shape of a round brilliant cut diamond. A minimalist might enjoy the simple beauty of a perfectly cut solitaire, while a trendsetter may want a rare shape or color in a more modern setting. There are thousands of possible combinations available, but knowing which style you prefer, will help you find a ring that most honors your unique personality. 

Decide Which Metal is Best for You

Do you like the classic, luxurious look of yellow gold? Are you a fashion forward woman that prefers rose gold or platinum? To determine which is best, you’ll need to consider personality as well as lifestyle. If you work with your hands, you might want a strong, durable metal like platinum or palladium that will stand up to frequent wear and tear. The rarity and purity of the metal will usually indicate its resale value, so choosing the perfect ring metal will require balancing your practical needs with the amount of value you’ll receive from your investment. 

Pay Close Attention to the Four C’s

When purchasing diamonds, it’s important to understand the fundamental factors that determine their value. Your engagement ring is a large investment, and being well informed will help you choose a ring with the highest quality diamonds. 
Cut – When performed properly, a well-cut diamond will reflect light from facet to facet and amplify the light through the top. If done incorrectly or without care, the diamond will appear dull and lose its sparkle. 
Clarity – Diamonds are a stone mined from the ground. In their natural state, they are often mixed with other mineral deposits and may have striations and fractures that were created during formation. A valuable diamond will be free of any inclusions or imperfections that will dim the stones luster. 
Color – Diamond color is measured on a scale from light yellow (Z) to colorless (D). Colorless diamonds are the most rare and difficult to find, therefore their value is highest. 
Carat – A diamond’s carat is determined by its weight. The higher the carat, the more the stone will weigh and the more value it will have. 

Are You Shopping for an Engagement Ring in Atlanta? Visit Royal Design Today

The first step to take when searching for the perfect ring is finding a quality fine jewelry store in Atlanta that will put your needs first. Since 1980, the Royal Design family has provided Atlanta area couples with a level of customer service that can’t be matched. We have a wide selection of finely crafted wedding and engagement rings in Atlanta, so you can find the perfect ring to symbolize your everlasting love. 

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