How to Layer Diamond Necklaces

The trend in the fashion world among female folks and jewelry enthusiast is layering diamond necklaces to make an impressive statement in any occasion and situation. All over the world, stylish women are compiling diamonds pendants and chains in utterly daring fashion. 

Layering a combination of diamond necklaces (Royal Design have exciting collections) gives you a stylish appearance, but people are still confused on how they could achieve this without falling guilty of over-accessorizing. Luckily enough, this article put together by Royal Design simplifies the process and will make you realize that the art isn't as complicated as neuroscience. You can master it if you'd follow these few guidelines. 

TIP 1: 

Don't Be Scared to Use a Combination of necklaces 

One of the most enjoyable parts of having to layer diamond necklaces is the combination of contrasting styles. It might have been a taboo once to be seen adorning contrasting styles of chains, but that's all past now. For a more sophisticated look, you should try combining different forms of pendants with each other; stylish pearls with contemporary geometric shapes and motifs. Also, you could consider going for chains of varying weight and texture: rope, cable, bead, and even wheat. It will, in addition to style, help reduce the incidence of tangling. 

TIP 2: 

Use Different Chain Length Starting From the Top 

Before wearing some necklaces around the region of your neckline, you should ensure to start at the beginning. You can do this by starting with the shortest piece available in your collection. Every additional piece should be longer than the preceding one. It will create the cascade effect and ensure that every bit stands out uniquely. Even if you have got two of your favorite pieces having the same length, you could use chain extenders to make one longer. 

TIP 3: 

Add a Bar Necklace to the Mix to Make a Statement 

A bar necklace should come towards the end. You shouldn't shy away from making a statement, add a bar necklace that stands out. 

Bar necklaces never go out of trend and always comes out classy. You could even engrave a word or two which would speak more about your personality. When using the bar necklace, you should make sure that it falls between the shorter and longer pieces. 

TIP 4: 

The Neckline of Your Top Matters 

When choosing a set of diamond necklaces to adorn your neck, you want to consider the neckline of the dress you'd be putting on. There should be an apparent complementary kind of relationship between the neckline and your choice of jewelry. It shouldn't look like one is trying hard to outdo the other. Get this right, and you'll come off looking every bit the elegant lady you are. 

TIP 5:  

Create an Overall Balance 

In choosing the layering pattern for your collection of diamond necklaces, you should try to ensure a balance. What exactly do I mean? You should make sure that other pieces of jewelry such as your earrings are not more or less elaborate. There should be a balance. You don't want to be looking like a circus with odd combinations of colors for your necklaces and earrings. 

TIP 6: 

The Rules Don't Matter

There are no rules set in stone when layering necklaces. You should go for what works for you and speaks of your preference. 

If you are still not clear about what you want, worry no more. Royal Design will provide the best collection of jewelry you need to give you that classy look and feel as well as offer professional advice about what should work for you.

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