How to Measure Your Bracelet Size?

Have you been searching for a beautiful, one of a kind diamond or gemstone bracelet for yourself or a loved one? We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta Georgia, enjoy providing the world’s most luxurious diamond accessories for our clients. Gorgeous diamond bracelets are perfect for a wide variety of occasions and make an excellent addition to any fine jewelry collection. Unfortunately, many people neglect to take the proper measurements for their bracelet. Are you wondering how to choose the right size for your new bracelet? Here are some tips that can help you make a wise investment. 

Why It’s Important to Choose the Correct Size When Purchasing a Bracelet

A bracelet that is too loose can fall off your wrist, causing chipped gemstones or missing diamonds. In contrast, bracelets that are too small can cut into your skin, making it uncomfortable to wear. Tight bracelets can also break when the owner is unaware. If you want to avoid repairs, part replacements and eventual loss of your bracelet, then it is best to take a few moments and ensure that your new jewelry item will be a good fit. 

How to Measure Your Wrist 

Use a soft measuring tape and wrap it gently around the wrist where you will be wearing the bracelet. Add about 1.5 cm or ¼ of an inch and this should be the perfect length for a normal bracelet with a clasp. Of course, if you prefer a more loose or tight fit, adjust accordingly. It’s also important to keep in mind the design of the bracelet you want, for instance a bangle will need to be wide enough to slip over your hand, but small enough to stay on the wrist when worn. 

Resizing a Luxury Bracelet 

It can be difficult to purchase a bracelet as a gift and know the exact size. While someone can easily sneak a glance in the closet to get your correct dress size, it is nearly impossible to find out the circumference of someone’s wrist without them noticing. If you are unsure about the size of the recipient’s wrist, or you have been given a bracelet that doesn’t quite fit, there’s no reason to worry. The experts at Royal Design Fine Jewelry can properly resize the bracelet so that it remains safe and sound for many years to come. 

Are You Looking for a Dazzling Diamond Bracelet? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry

Have you been searching for a diamond tennis bracelet or bangle for your personal collection, or as a memorable gift for a friend or family member? Then be sure to visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia. Our experienced jewelers can help you find the perfect treasure. We also offer custom jewelry design and resizing, so you can be sure to have a luxury bracelet that fits your unique style and needs. Do you live outside of the metro Atlanta area? You can still have access to our amazing collection by browsing our online inventory from your computer, smart phone or tablet. 

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