How to Protect Your Treasures for a Lifetime

Your jewelry is an investment, and just like any other valuable item, it’s important that you increase its longevity to get the best return possible. That often means taking extra care and precautions to insure your jewelry pieces are protected and maintained over the years. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we offer a large collection exquisite jewelry to residents in the Atlanta, Georgia area and to our customers around the world. We also offer many professional repair, replacement and maintenance services. Here are a few tips on how you can keep your jewelry safe from damage, loss or premature tarnishing. 

At Home

  • Take off rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces while working outdoors or in the garden. Not only can you increase your risk of personal injury by using power tools while wearing jewelry, but you could also damage your valuable treasures, or lose them altogether. 
  • Take off rings when working in the kitchen. You don’t want to lose your engagement ring or anniversary gift due to accidents. Rings can disappear inside prepared food, or fall into the drain or garbage disposal. Also, if you’re preparing food on the countertops you could chip or scratch them. 
  • Try not to fall asleep while wearing jewelry. Earring posts, ring prongs and necklaces can get pulled, bent or twisted if caught on a comforter or pillow case. 

At the Office

  • If your job requires physical labor or the use of power tools or other heavy equipment, be sure to leave your jewelry at home to avoid harm to yourself and your precious items. 
  • Be Careful around metal filing cabinets and desks, one accidental hard knock against it could result in chipped diamonds or lost stones. 

On Vacation

  • Use appropriate jewelry travel storage devices to avoid damage. 
  • Keep your jewelry out of pools, hot tubs, ocean water and lakes. 
  • If your hotel doesn’t have a safe, be sure to take a small travel safe to hold your jewelry, cash and important documents. 
  • Get insurance so you can be reimbursed if your jewelry is harmed, lost or stolen. 

Working Out at the Gym

  • Take off all jewelry before lifting weights or using exercise equipment of any kind. Again, this could lead to injury or damage to your jewelry. 
  • Keep the jewelry safe in your car or in a locker with your gym bag to avoid theft. 

Storage and General Maintenance

  • When not in use, keep your treasures in a dedicated jewelry box that’s designed to hold a variety of items. Diamonds are very hard, and they can scratch other gemstones and metals if they are banging around loosely in your storage container. You can avoid this by placing each piece of jewelry in its own soft bag.
  • Seal silver or alloy metals in airtight containers to decrease tarnishing.
  • Get your rings resized if necessary to avoid having it slip off unnoticed. 
  • Inspect each item at least once a year to make sure it hasn’t been damaged. If you do find issues, you can take your rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, luxury watches and other valuables to a professional jeweler for polishing, cleaning and repair. 

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