How to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Is a major anniversary date approaching? Then you are probably looking for an exciting way to commemorate the occasion. Upgrading engagement rings is a popular way to symbolize your continued commitment to one another. The professionals at Royal Design Fine Jewelry specialize in customizing engagement rings and other luxury diamond accessories. If you've been searching for an Atlanta, Georgia area fine jewelry store that can help take your original ring to the next level, then visit our location today and find out what we can do for you. Are you still unsure about which techniques are available for upgraded engagement rings? Read below for some inspirational ideas.

Anniversary Band

An anniversary band is a small stackable ring that can make a sleek and sophisticated addition to your existing ring. These are a wonderful solution because they can be worn close to the wedding band, or worn on other fingers, depending on the look or style you choose for any given day. This makes anniversary bands a versatile way to update your engagement ring.

Ring Guard

A ring guard is similar to an anniversary band because it is also designed to fit around your existing ring. However, rather than a simple, easy-to-stack design, they are often more elaborately shaped. They are often made with your unique engagement rings style in mind and can be customized to your exact specifications.


If you're happy with the existing design of your ring but you want a little more sparkle, then consider investing in a remounting or resetting service. Do you need to replace a few small missing diamonds? Do you want more carats or a center diamond with a different cut? Or, maybe you want to add a splash of color with sapphire or ruby accent stones. Either way, our team can recreate the perfect design to meet your needs.


One very popular engagement and wedding ring enhancement is resizing. Over the years, most people have experienced shifting ring sizes. If your ring is too loose, then it could slip off of your finger and be lost forever. However, if the ring is too tight, it can be uncomfortable to wear, and it might end up spending more time in your jewelry box than on your hand. If your ring is slipping off or squeezing your finger, then visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry and let our specialists ensure the perfect fit.

Professional Quality Cleaning and Repair

Are you attached to the design of your engagement ring, but the finish has become dingy and dull? We can make your ring look like it is fresh from the jewelry store with our professional cleaning and repair services.

Do You Need an Atlanta Area Jewelry Store That Upgrades Engagement Rings?

Are you ready to update the style of your engagement ring? Then there's no need to wait. Whether you're planning the re-design for your upcoming anniversary, or are simply ready for a change, then come to Royal Design Fine Jewelry. Our experienced diamond and precious metal experts will help you customize a unique look that is perfect for your needs. Contact our office if you have any questions or stop by our Atlanta, GA, location to discuss your upgrade ideas with our friendly professionals.

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