Jewel Toned Gemstones That are Perfect for the Fall

Jewel tones are popular for fall décor, since they reflect the vibrant colors of the transitioning seasons. However, the best way to incorporate the beautiful hues is to wear them as jewels. Gemstones offer a luxurious and exciting way to express your unique personality. We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry, are proud to provide the world’s most dazzling gemstones and diamonds for our clients in Atlanta, Georgia and throughout the United States. Are you searching for gemstone jewelry to wear on your next special occasion? Here are some suggestions that will make perfect accessories for your fall wardrobe.


The bold crimson tone of rubies is a great way to reflect your confidence and sophistication. These beautiful bright red gemstones have been cherished throughout time. The Ruby was a rare luxury during the days of the ancient Silk Road and have been incorporated into some of the most valuable and prized collections of crown jewels from royal families around the world. 


While sapphire gemstones are available in a wide range of colors, the blue sapphire is perhaps one of the most sought after. Kings and Queens of the past always wore blue sapphires, believing it offered protection. In fact, Kate Middleton’s infamous heirloom sapphire wedding ring with a halo of diamonds exudes the very epitome of royal grace. 


The golden glow of citrine reminds the wearer of the soft warmth of sunset, or the glowing embers of a fire, making it a great option for fall jewelry. Citrine also happens to be the birthstone of those born in November, giving it an extra meaning for those who truly love the fall season. 


Gemstones like peridot and tourmaline may offer a naturally green hue, but there aren’t many jewels who can boast the level of vivid color as the Emerald. Wearing this beautiful gem can serve as a reminder of the beauty of nature itself through the fall and well into the holiday season. Wear the emerald alone or paired with other jewel tones in October and November, then combine your emerald accessories with stunning rubies for a festive look this winter. 


Amethyst jewels are beautiful in all shades. However, it is the deep, rich purple hue that goes perfectly with fall weather. Look for an amethyst ring, earring set, bracelet or necklace pendant that reminds you of the royal robes of monarchs.

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