Jewelry Repair in Alpharetta

Is your wedding ring missing a diamond? Has it been years since your luxury watches or fine jewelry collection was cleaned or serviced? Then it’s probably time to invest in professional Alpharetta jewelry repair. We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry, are proud to provide the world’s most luxurious diamond accessories for our clients. Our experts also offer quality jewelry repair in Alpharetta, Georgia and surrounding metro Atlanta area communities. Have you been using Google to find a reliable “jewelry repair shop near me”? Then you’ve found the perfect solution. Call or visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry today, and our experienced specialists will help you restore the condition of your favorite treasure.  

Fine Jewelry Repair in Alpharetta, Georgia

Though fine jewelry is made from the world’s most beautiful diamonds, gemstones and precious metals, daily wear can eventually cause damage and deterioration. Ignoring repairs can cause the loss of diamonds and other valuable gems, and further reduce the value and brilliance of your favorite jewelry pieces. The experts at Royal Design Fine Jewelry are proud to offer a variety of services, so that you can get the most from your jewelry collection. We provide resizing, soldering, chain and clasp repair, stone replacement, setting repair, custom upgrades and more. 

Luxury Watch Repair 

Did your Rolex Datejust stop giving the accurate time? Has the band on your Cartier Tank watch been broken? The delicate mechanics of a one of a kind timepiece requires the touch of a highly trained specialist. Let our experts repair or replace the necessary components, so that you can once again wear your favorite luxury watch with confidence. 

Professional Jewelry Cleaning 

Store bought jewelry cleaning solutions often contain harmful ingredients that can degrade and diminish the condition of your fine jewelry. Professional jewelers have specialized high frequency ultrasonic cleaners that utilize the most advanced technologies to produce a brilliant shine that is sure to last.

Rhodium Plating 

White gold is an alloy made from classic yellow gold and a white precious metal like silver or palladium. Pieces that have a high karat weight will often appear more yellow in tone because of the higher content of gold. While this makes the item valuable, those who desire the look of a brilliant white sheen choose to plate their rings, pendants and other fine jewelry items with rhodium. Not only does rhodium plating provide a beautiful shimmer, it will also strengthen and protect your favorite accessory against scratches and other forms of damage. Has the original tone of your rhodium plated jewelry begun to show through? Then bring your treasure to Royal Design Fine Jewelry and we will help revive its previous luster.  

Are You Searching Online for a “Jewelry Repair Shop Near Me”? 

Do you need a professional Alpharetta jewelry repair? Then call or visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry today. Our experienced staff will be happy to discuss your needs one on one. There’s no reason to procrastinate your jewelry repair in Alpharetta, GA. Instead, contact our store to learn more about our available services or to schedule a convenient appointment. 

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