Jewelry Services

Let Us Buy Your Jewelry

The fine jewelry experts at Royal Design accepts high quality gold, platinum and diamond jewelry. We will always offer a fair price based upon current market value, cut, clarity, carat weight and popularity of style and design. 

Luxury Watch Serivces

We offer premium services for luxury watch owners, from basic repairs to complete part replacements. Examples of services include personal engravings and replacement of batteries, crystals, crowns and bracelets.

Jewelry Repair

Our jewelers provide professional polishing, rhodium plating, cleaning, resizing, stone matching, necklace and bracelet repair, restringing and more. 

Suggestions For Proper Jewelry Care and Maintenance

Always remove your jewelry before showering, bathing or applying soap or lotion. These substances often deposit materials that can cloud stones and precious metals over time, reducing the sparkle and shine of your favorite treasures. If you’re going to be performing strenuous activities with your hands, or plan to have your hands exposed to chemicals, it’s important to remove your rings beforehand. This includes performing household chores, before applying makeup and beauty products and while working in the garden.

When taking off your rings, bracelets, earrings or other jewelry pieces, try to avoid touching the stones. Grease, dirt and oils from your fingers can cause buildup to accumulate on your stones, reducing their brilliance and luster.

Avoid losing valuable jewelry by keeping them stored in appropriate containers between use. If momentarily removing an item, like when washing the dishes or taking a shower, make sure you keep them in a safe location, away from drains, waste bins or items that may be accidentally thrown away. 

Also, it’s important to schedule appointments with an experienced jeweler at least once a year. Having your jewelry inspected annually will ensure that your stones, prongs, clasps and other components are in place and remain strong. Pearls also often need to be restrung once a year, and the experts at Royal Design Fine Jewelry specialize in proper pearl restringing methods. 

Tips For Storing Jewelry

Pearls, gemstones and jewelry containing precious metals needs to remain separated during storage. Pearls and soft metals can be scratched if they come in frequent contact with other items. Chains and clasps can get tangled and break. Therefore, fine jewelry should be kept in a jewelry box or separate jewelry bags lined with soft fabric like velvet or satin. Keep pearls and metals away from vinegar, perfumes, ammonia and other potentially harsh chemicals. 

Fine Jewelry Cleaning

Have your diamond rings, platinum necklaces or emerald earrings started to lose their sparkle and shine? Restore their brilliance with occasional cleaning. Use a soft toothbrush and a towel to wash them. Put the jewelry in a container with warm water. Place a small amount of liquid dish soap onto the toothbrush and gently rub the jewelry, removing any built-up oil or debris. Rinse and allow to dry on the towel, away from any drains or waste baskets. Getting a professional cleaning will ensure that your items are cleaned safely and properly. An annual cleaning can help maintain your jewelry’s beautiful brilliance. 

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