July Birthstone: Ruby

Is July the month when you or a loved one celebrates a birthday? Then congratulations, the fabulous ruby is your official gemstone. Rubies have been highly praised and sought after for centuries, and for good reason. Are you looking for a special way to show your affection this July? We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry, are proud to offer our clients high quality accessories that include the world's most dazzling diamonds, rubies and gemstones. Here is some more information about the Ruby and why this beautiful gemstone will make the perfect gift for yourself or others. 

Why Are Ruby’s the Birthstone of People Born in July?

Traditional birthstones are frequently a remnant of ancient astrological associations. Those born in July, during the time of Leo in particular, were frequently associated with certain characteristics. Leo personality traits include a fiery nature, wealth, prosperity, boastfulness and courage. It also happens that the Ruby was also identified to represent such aspects.

What Makes Rubies Red?

Rubies are actually a type of crystalized aluminum oxide, known as Corondum. Sapphires are also another popular kind of Corondum gemstone. The Ruby variety in particular derives its crimson hue from the chromium which is present in the stone. Therefore, they can be found in a number of shades, ranging from colorless and light pink to deep crimson. 

Where Are They Mined? 

Rubies are frequently found in Thailand, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Brazil, Scotland, Japan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Madagascar and Macedonia. Some rubies have also been found in the mountain ranges of the United States of America, particularly in Montana, Wyoming, North Carolina and South Carolina. 

Historical Significance of Rubies

Rubies were amongst some of the most valuable commodities that were traded along the Silk Road from 200 BC onward. They were always considered valuable in Asian civilizations including China and India. Because of their association with good fortune, they were often intergraded into the foundation of important buildings. In addition, the ruby was known for its ability to enhance a wearers achievement of victory, and frequently adorned the armor and weapons of warriors and noblemen. 

The World’s Most Famous Rubies

One of the most famous modern enthusiast of rubies is Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. She has been photographed numerous times with diamond and ruby encrusted necklaces, earrings and tiaras. Perhaps the most notable of her ruby collection is her Burmese Ruby Tiara, which she commissioned from Garrard & Co in 1973. It contains 96 rubies and hundreds of diamonds. Other well-known pieces of ruby accented jewelry include Harry Winston’s heart shaped Burmese Ruby Necklace, the Mandalay Ruby created by Sotheby’s New York and the 25.29 carat Sunrise Ruby ring which sold for more than $28 million. 

Need Ruby Accessories in Atlanta, GA? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry

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