June Birthstone Alexandrite

Babies born in June are considered to be lucky because the month is associated with three birthstones –the Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone. Among the three gemstones, Alexandrite and the creamy colored opalescent Pearl are popular because of the story behind their discoveries, their quality, and other characteristics.

Why Alexandrite?

It is known as the Zodiac stone for the constellation of Gemini, and it is one of the most valuable gems you can get. It has dynamic color changing characteristics of Chrysoberyl. Depending upon the light source, the Alexandrite can change its color from red to green or vice versa. The Alexandrite is believed to represent confidence, joy, and balance in life.

Alexandrite is very expensive because it’s a rare stone and predominantly found in Sri Lanka. Other countries with traces of Alexandrite are Russia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Brazil, Madagascar, and Myanmar.

The gemstone comes naturally with chameleon-like properties, changing colors in daylight and under artificial lighting. Most people love this this gem because to them the chameleon-like qualities make it exceptional and it has some spiritual powers. It is categorized in chemistry as beryllium aluminum oxide. Additionally, it is considered as an option to diamond because of its hardness and premium qualities.

People who believe in the efficacy of gemstones and are born in June can conveniently choose one of the gems to signify their birth.

Brief history

This rare gemstone was named after Prince Alexander of Russia probably because it was found in the Ural Mountains of Russia and during the birthday of the prince. The Russians embraced the stone with superstitious stories and myths, and surprisingly, the colors of the stone are reflected in the Russian national flag.

However, scientists believe that the color changing characteristics of the Alexandrite is based on its chemical bonding and the type of light that comes in contact with the elements and crystals. Nevertheless, science can’t explain the formation of the stone, and no one can deny the fact that this gemstone is unique, rare and comes with amazing qualities.

Interested buyers should be careful!

Because of how expensive this gemstone is in the open market; some diamond jewelry traders have manufactured a synthetic alexandrite-like gemstone. The chameleon-like change of color in the synthetic gem made with trace elements cannot be compared with the real color changes of Alexandrite. Buyers are attracted to the fake stone because they are extremely cheap when compared with the original Alexandrite.

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