Loose Diamonds in Atlanta

Are you looking for ways to diversify your current investment portfolio? Have you heard about the benefits of holding physical commodities as a hedge against inflation? Then investing in Atlanta loose diamonds may be the perfect solution. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we offer a wide selection of the world’s most valuable and exquisite loose diamonds. From flawless, colorless diamonds to rare fancy pink and yellow diamonds, we’re ready to help you find the perfect gemstones to add to your collection. If you’re looking for GIA certified or EGL certified loose diamonds in Atlanta, visit our location and get one on one assistance from our expert jewelers. 

Why Invest in Premium Atlanta Loose Diamonds?

As economic instability and inflation increase, many people turn to physical commodities such as gold and silver as a way to protect their assets and increase their wealth. While gold is certainly a staple for alternative investing, loose diamonds offers many benefits. Diversifying can help spread the risk of your overall portfolio, if the price of gold, silver or copper declines, the stability of diamonds can help offset losses. Unlike silver and copper coins and bullion, diamonds won’t deteriorate or change over time. The hardness and unique mineral composition of these brilliant gemstones will keep the purity of well-handled diamonds for centuries, making them an excellent inheritance or family heirloom that can benefit your family for many generations. The small size and light weight of diamonds make them easy to store and transport and they can be transformed into beautiful rings, pendants and earrings so they can be enjoyed by yourself and loved ones. 

Atlanta Loose Diamonds

The Importance of Purchasing GIA Certified and EGL Certified Loose Diamonds in Atlanta

Our diamonds are certified by GIA or EGL, to ensure the quality of our selection. GIA, or the Gemological Institute of America, is the world’s leading gemological laboratory boasting more than 1400 diamond experts. EGL, or the European Gemological Laboratory has offices from Tel Aviv to Tokyo and is a well-respected international source for determining diamond quality and value. When a diamond is certified by one of these two laboratories, it means that the gemstone has been carefully evaluating using premium selection standards. The diamonds will be evaluated by color, clarity, carat and cut so you can guarantee the quality of your Atlanta loose diamonds. Be sure not to confuse appraisals with certification, as anyone can appraise the value of a diamond to be whatever they desire, especially if they are going to profit from their appraisal assessment. Certification requires the inspection of a trained and authorized diamond graders, which means your diamonds will hold they’re value when you’re ready to sell them in the international marketplace. 

Searching for Loose Diamonds in Atlanta, Georgia? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry Today

If you’re ready to invest in GIA certified or EGL certified loose diamonds, look no further. The experienced custom jewelry designers at Royal Design Fine Jewelry are ready to help find your next treasure. Visit our Atlanta, Georgia location and get professional help finding the investment that’s best for your unique needs. 

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