Why Are Diamonds So Treasured?

Diamonds have become a cherished symbol of love. Their striking beauty and high value often makes them the most prized stone for use in wedding rings and are recognized as the most treasured pieces in any fine jewelry collection. While many brides to be dream of their perfect ring, it isn’t always well understood the reasons that lie behind the true value of a diamond. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we enjoy providing men and women in Atlanta, Buckhead and the surround Metro area with beautiful, exquisite treasures. Among the most popular items, are the diamond rings, bracelets and necklaces that inspire awe with their brilliance and shine. 

Forged from the Heart of the Volcano

Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance on the planet. Deposits of coal embedded deep in the soil, near the center of the Earth, are transformed through the intensity of pressure and heat of the magma found in the mantle layer. Ancient volcanic eruptions brought these deposits closer to the surface where they can be more easily mined and acquired in their host rocks. The difficulty of a diamond’s survival in the climb from the center of the world makes them a great and valuable splendor that is exceedingly rare to discover. In fact, there exists only a few dozen operational mines in the modern world, making their value as significant as ever.  Loose Diamonds Atlanta

Prized Since Ancient Times

Because of their miraculous origin and rarity, there are a great many stories and superstitions surrounding diamonds from Ancient times. Some felt that gazing upon a diamond was a guarantor of good fortune, and was treasured by the royal families and leaders of civilizations around the world. Still to this day, a diamond is associated with the ultimate in fine luxury and owning them is sometimes seen by society as a barometer of worldly achievement. 

Modern Day Significance

Aside from lining the crowns of the aristocracy and necklines of today’s most rich and famous, modern technology has found even more reasons that diamonds are a great gift to humanity. Not only are diamonds the hardest known substance, but they are also an excellent conductor of energy. For this reason, industry has found many applications for diamonds in the creation of futuristic technologies that simply wouldn’t exist without them. In fact, the world as we know it today owes much to these great and rare gems. Valuable tools include diamond crusted drill bits, lasers, industrial abrasives, precision surgical tools and instruments, anvil cells, integrated circuitry and so much more. While the use of diamonds has expanded greatly, scientists predict that many more discoveries will be made in the future. As more uses are found, the value and rarity of diamonds are likely to rise as well. 

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