Men’s Wedding Ring Metals – Which One’s Right for You?

Are you ready to walk down the aisle with the special man in your life? Then make sure to choose a wedding band that fits perfectly with his personality and lifestyle. We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry are proud to provide the world’s most beautiful and luxurious diamonds jewelry. In the past, there were few choices available when it came to men’s rings. Now, men’s wedding bands come in a wide variety of styles. Regardless of the final design, it’s very important that the precious metals used for the ring are made from quality materials that will last. Here are the top choices of metals for men’s rings, so you can make the best decision for your groom’s new wedding band.

Classic Yellow Gold

If your significant other has a traditional taste, then yellow gold is the way to go. It is classic, sophisticated and regal. Yellow gold retains its value over time and remains one of the most popular precious metals for fine jewelry. Go with a simple yellow gold band for a timeless look that will never go out of style or make the ring more unique by adding diamonds or a birthstone to the design. 

White Gold 

If you’re looking for a sleek and modern style, then consider white gold. This stunning precious metal is most often made from an alloy of yellow gold, silver and palladium. In many cases they are also rhodium plated. This process helps to further enhance the brilliant shine of white gold jewelry. The result is a stronger ring that is made to last. White gold is also more scratch resistant. If you want to include colorless diamonds in your design, then white gold will certainly provide a beautiful and luminous backdrop.


Are you looking for an economical option that will provide long term strength and durability? Then be sure to think about cobalt as an option for your men’s wedding band. Its reflective metallic surface mimics the crisp look of white gold and platinum yet offers the same level of performance as tungsten or titanium. If your man works with his hands and needs a ring that can stand up to the challenges of daily wear and tear, then this may be a great option. 

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