Natural Diamonds vs. Lab Grown

Science and technology have come a long way, and our lives have become more comfortable and convenient because of the many innovations available in the modern world. Lab grown diamonds are one creation that is gaining in popularity. Since the beginning of civilization, man has always attempted to find ways of creating artificial gemstones and precious metals. While today’s laboratory born diamonds are certainly a more sophisticated and beautiful substitute, nothing can ever beat the value of their naturally derived counterpart. Have you been wondering what the difference is between natural loose diamonds and lab grown diamonds? At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we provide our clients with the world’s highest quality engagement rings, necklaces, earrings and other diamond accessories. We want our customer’s to be informed about the new lab grown gemstone phenomenon, so you can make the best purchasing decisions for your needs. 


The most significant difference between naturally created diamonds and their synthetic cousins are the way they’re formed. Diamonds that are mined from the earth are created by volcanic activity that results in kimberlite and lamproite pipes. At the time of the Earth’s creation, deposits of carbon became trapped deep in its interior. The extreme temperatures and high pressure create the perfect environment to transform these small pieces of carbon into the brilliant, shining diamonds we’ve all come to admire. In contrast, man-made diamonds are formed using one of two methods: High Pressure High Temperature and Chemical Vapor Deposition. By synthetically recreating the extreme heat and pressure of volcanoes, crystals resembling diamonds are created. After they are fully formed, the crystals are cut and incorporated into jewelry designs just like natural diamonds. 


While the resultant lab grown crystal is difficult to distinguish between natural diamonds, expert jewelers can easily see which kind of diamond you have. The rarity of mined diamonds will always retain more value than something that can be synthetically created in a laboratory setting. Untrained individuals may not be able to see which is which, but a lab diamond will be worth significantly less than the real thing. 

Which Is Right for You?

Unfortunately, it is very hard for buyers to know the authenticity of a natural diamond when making a purchase. That’s why it’s vital that consumers ask for diamond certification from a reputable institution. The beauty and affordability of lab grown diamonds can be attractive for some customers. However, if your desire is to purchase a truly remarkable gift for a loved one, or you’re interested in the investment potential of fine jewelry, then it’s best to skip the synthetic varieties and remain loyal to the original. 

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