November Birthstones: Topaz & Citrine

Do you have a loved one who’s celebrating a birthday this November? A birthstone ring, necklace pendant or earring set is a great personalized gift that they will cherish for decades to come. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we proudly offer Nature’s most inspiring treasures for our customers in Atlanta, Georgia and around the world. If you’re looking for an unforgettable present to give your spouse, parent, child or friend, let our experienced jewelers help you find the perfect piece to add to their collection.

Charming Golden Citrine

Citrine is an amazing naturally occurring variety of quartz that can be found in various shades of yellow, from pale cream to deep sunset orange. It’s iron content gives Citrine it’s signature orange glow. This canary hued gemstone looks amazing paired with yellow gold, and is often a top choice for men’s as well as women’s jewelry. Seek citrine that has a larger saturation of orange, yellow or red hues, rather than pale or smoky, as these stones generally retain a higher value. Citrine stones can be found up to 20 carats in relative abundance, though the world’s largest known find is housed in the Smithsonian and weighs an astounding 2,258 carats.  

Tantalizing Topaz

For most of history, this sunny gemstone was thought to only be found in yellow hued stones. In fact, for thousands of years, it was believed that all yellow gems were Topaz. Science has provided more insight into the mineral content of these glimmering treasures, and we know that Topaz come in a wide variety of colors from colorless Topaz to the prized Orange and pink toned Imperial Topaz that is prized around the world. While a yellow or orange toned Topaz is the traditional hue associated with November, adventurous buyers may prefer a different variation. For instance, Blue Topaz can make an excellent gift with dual symbolism for someone born in November who was born in Texas, as this variety of Topaz is the Lone Star State’s official gemstone. 

Choosing Your Birthstone Jewelry

Your birthstones can be showcased in a wide range of forms, from daring cocktail rings to delicate solitaire stud earrings. Choosing which type of jewelry to buy often requires the consideration of many different factors. Both Citrine and Topaz look amazing when paired with almost any design. Think about the personal lifestyle of the person you’re buying for. Do they enjoy antique furniture and classic clothing? Then they may enjoy a yellow gold vintage inspired ring or necklace pendant. Is glitz and glamour more their style? Then perhaps a Hollywood inspired square cut Topaz surrounded with a diamond halo could be just the ticket. You can further customize their new gift by adding additional gemstones to represent yourself or other close friends and family. Personalized engravings are also an incredible way to share a memorable message that they’ll think of every time they wear their beautiful new accessory. 

Need a Glittering Gift for Loved One This November? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry

Is it time for you to find the perfect citrine or topaz ring, bracelet, earring set or necklace? Then visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry store in Atlanta, Georgia, or browse our catalog online. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you find a gift that is unforgettable. 

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