Perfect Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Are you shopping for an engagement ring that’s unlike any other? Then consider incorporating colored gemstones with diamonds for a look that is both rare and luxurious. We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry, enjoy providing the world’s most brilliant diamond and gemstone accessories for clients in Atlanta, Georgia and across the country. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect gemstones for your custom wedding ring.  

Gemstones vs. Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Gemstones are beautiful and well loved. Unfortunately, many of them are soft, which means they are more susceptible to scratches and chipping. For this reason, it is recommended that brides choose a wedding ring with diamonds. The hardness and brilliance of diamonds are unmatched and should be the primary focus of fine jewelry that is meant to last. Since most couples will treasure their wedding rings for decades, it’s important to choose the highest quality diamonds, gems and precious metals. However, gemstones can certainly complement the design, and can be incorporated into the overall style of the engagement ring. 

Which Gemstones Look Great with Diamonds?

With so many incredibly beautiful gemstones to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which is best for you. If you want a bold look that makes a statement, consider a ruby or emerald in an interesting cut. Do you prefer a more romantic style? Then try a pink or purple hued Kunzinite, or a pretty baby blue Aquamarine. Are you in love with designs that are timeless and sophisticated? Try a golden yellow Citrine or royal blue Sapphire that’s fit for royalty. 

Designs for Showcasing Your Elegant Gemstones

There are a lot of ways to highlight the beauty of your gemstone engagement ring. You might consider a classic three stone ring with a center diamond and gemstones on each side. One of the most popular designs involve a diamond surrounded by a halo of gems, or try a channel setting along the sides of the band. You can also add a contour band, with diamonds and gems that match the tone and overall style of the main stone. Some people also choose a design based on their birthday or Alma Mater. Others decide on gems that include their favorite color combinations. The possibilities truly are endless, so enjoy the creative aspect of developing your very own designs. 

Other Ways to Make Your Engagement Ring Unique

You can also make your ring special by including an heirloom stone from a well-loved family member or friend. Or, consider interesting settings in uncommon designs or combine multiple precious metals in contrasting tones. You can also choose an engraving that you and your new spouse will recognize, perhaps a line from your favorite song, movie or poem. 

Are You Looking for a One of a Kind Engagement Ring in Atlanta, GA? 

Have you been searching for a unique gemstone ring or engagement ring for yourself or bride to be? Then get the help you need from the professionals at Royal Design Fine Jewelry. Our experienced jewelers will help you find the perfect piece for your engagement ring or any special occasion. We offer a wide range of services, including jewelry repair, resizing, engraving, stone replacements and custom jewelry design. Visit our Atlanta, Georgia store today to see our incredible inventory in person. Do you live outside of the metro Atlanta area? You can still purchase your next treasure online. Search our website from the comfort of your smart phone, tablet or office computer. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our jewelry experts.  

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