Gemstone Showcase: Pink Diamonds

From the hands of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively to the crowns jewels of France, Britain and Iran, pink diamonds are one of the most desirable and popularized colored diamonds in the world. The beautiful blush hued fancy diamonds are one of the rarest and most valuable gemstones found on the planet. Are you in love with the gorgeous pink diamond engagement rings of the rich and famous?

At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we provide Atlanta area men and women with the world’s most precious treasures. We are passionate about rare gemstones and would love to share some fun and fascinating facts about one of our favorite rose tinted gems. 

How Are Pink Diamonds Formed?

Interestingly, gemologists and geologists don’t have a definitive answer for why pink diamonds have their hue. For other fancy diamonds, scientists have concluded the reason for their color variations. For example, blue diamonds have an abundance of boron and yellow diamonds get their canary luster from alternative nitrogen structures within the stone. However, despite many tests on pink diamonds, scientists have yet to officially determine the cause. A common hypothesis is that the intensity of heat created during their formation billions of years ago, created a molecular defect that isn’t found in other diamonds. 

The World’s Most Famous Pink Diamonds

The Star of the South

Discovered in Brazil in 1853, the Star of the South is one of the largest pink diamonds in the world. The pink tinted gem weighs over 128 carats, and was believed to have been cut from a raw stone that was as large as 254 carats. It’s currently in the possession of Cartier who purchased it in 2002.  

The Noor-ul-Ain Tiara

This beautiful diamond crown was given as a gift to Empress Farah Diba after marrying Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, who was the last shah of Iran. The incredible 60 carat pink diamond sits as a stunning centerpiece at the front of the crown, flanked by an array of fancy colored diamonds and gemstones. 

The Pink Star

Once upon a time, the Pink Star diamond was named the Steinmetz Pink Diamond after its previous owner who cut the diamond into its brilliant, light reflecting shape. The 59.6 carat stone was sold in 1999 to Isaac Wolf for an astounding $83 million, the largest amount paid on record for a gemstone. 

The Graff Pink Diamond

The emerald cut Graff Pink is one of the rarest and most pure pink diamonds ever found. Once owned by the famous jeweler Harry Winston, the vibrant pink stone was auctioned to Laurence Graff in 2010 for a staggering $46.2 million. 

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