Princess Cut Diamonds

The princess cut diamond is a close contender for the most popular choice for modern engagement rings. It’s beautiful, classic design is regal and breathtaking, and can be accentuated in many different ways to suit almost anyone’s personal style. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we’re proud to offer exquisite diamond accessories for our clients in Atlanta, Georgia and around the world. Are you searching for a new diamond ring, earrings or pendant necklace? Here is some information about the princess cut that might help you make the best decision for your needs. 

History of the Princess Cut Diamond

Similar square shaped designs had been created before the princess cut, including the stunning 81 facet Barion cut developed by Basil Watermeyer in 1971, an expert diamond cutter in South Africa. However, this shape was very difficult to create. A few years later, Apard Nagy developed what he called the “Profile Cut”, which provided a similar aesthetic, but was simpler in design. As its popularity began to ascend in America and around the world, the cut began to be referenced as “princess” and the name has remained the same ever since. 

Advantages of Choosing a Princess Cut Diamond or Gemstone

One of the most exciting features of the Princess cut diamond, is that the style allows for cutters to retain 80% of the rough stone. Other cuts normally use only 40% or 50%. This means buyers can acquire a beautifully designed diamond for a price that’s more affordable than similar styles. Also, the pyramid shaped bottom and additional facets create incredible brilliance and shine because of the dispersion of light. 

Celebrity Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Many celebrities and public figures have also chosen the princess cut for their engagement and wedding rings. Sherri Shepherd, a co-host on The View has a 3 carat French set princess diamond ring. Jaime Pressly, star of My Name is Earl, was given her three stone halo ring that features a beautiful square princess cut center. While Star Jones’ marriage to Al Reynolds only lasted four years, her jaw dropping 7 carat princess cut diamond surrounded by baguette stones will be remembered by her fans for many years to come. If you’re considering a princess cut stone for your engagement ring, anniversary ring or other accessory, researching celebrity examples can help provide luxurious design inspirations. 

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Are you about to ask the love of your life the big question? Did you say yes to his proposal, but plan on picking out your own engagement ring? Do you love the princess cut, and want to incorporate it into your next diamond accessory? Then visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry today. Our experienced jewelers are ready to help you find the perfect treasure. You can also browse our extensive inventory online from the comfort and convenience of your own home, from anywhere in the world. We’re excited to offer free shipping in the continental United States and a 7 day money back guarantee. 

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