Protecting Your Fine Jewelry During Summer

Diamonds and gold retain their value nearly indefinitely, making fine jewelry a smart investment. Unfortunately, the worth of a ring, necklace or bracelet can be severely diminished if the items aren’t properly cared for. While there’s a chance for issues to arise all year long, Summer is the season that causes the most trouble for jewelry. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia, we want our customers to get the most value and enjoyment from their beautiful treasures. Here are some tips for protecting your find jewelry during this summer. 

Avoid Swimming Pools and Beaches

Swimming pools and beaches are a popular playground for kids and adults alike when the sun is shining bright. While splashing in the water is a great way to escape the heat, it’s not a good place to bring your jewelry. The waves of the ocean tide are notoriously blamed for the loss of loose bracelets and wedding rings. And, the gritty sand and seashells on the beach can easily scratch the surface of soft gold and precious gems. You may think your backyard swimming pool is a safer place to show off your diamonds, but the chlorine and other pool chemicals can cause damage as well, especially for rose gold and white gold finishes. 

Keep Your Jewelry Out of the Garden

Gardening is another popular summer pastime, but beware. Your glistening diamond rings and tennis bracelets could get lost among the hydrangeas. Or worse, they could suffer damage from harsh fertilizers and pesticides that are frequently used during landscaping. If you’re planning on digging in the dirt, it’s best to leave your favorite accessories safely stored away. 

Wash Periodically with Gentle Soap and Warm Water

Everyone makes mistakes. If you suddenly realize you took a dip in the pool or planted an herb garden without removing your wedding ring, there’s no reason to panic. Fine jewelry can handle the occasional home cleaning, provided you use a mixture of warm water and gentle, chemical free soap. If you try this and there’s still a stubborn stain, you can take your blemished items to a jeweler for a professional cleaning, restoration or repair. 

Stay Safe While Vacationing

Everyone looks forward to their summer vacation. Whether you’re planning on frolicking in the sands of a Tahitian beach or hiking through Yosemite National Park, it’s best to keep your gorgeous gold and diamonds safely at home. If you can’t bear to part with your wedding ring or another sentimental piece, take extra precautions. Make sure that your items fit snugly, if you sense your rings or bracelets are even slightly loose, invest in a resizing before taking your trip. Closely guard your items if you choose to leave them in the hotel room while on an excursion, always use a personal safe when possible. It’s also a good idea to get jewelry insurance, at least for the month you plan on taking your holiday. 

Need a Jewelry Cleaning or Repair Service in Atlanta? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry  

Do you need a jewelry cleaning, repair, restoration or other professional service in the Atlanta, Georgia area? Then visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry today. We offer a wide range of services including cleaning, resizing, setting repair, stone replacements, watch repair, battery replacement, rhodium plating and more. Call or stop by our Atlanta, GA location today and find out how we can help restore your favorite diamond or gold jewelry to its original brilliance. 

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