Gem Showcase: Sapphire

Diamonds may be the most well-known gemstone for fine jewelry, but there are many other shining examples of nature’s exquisite beauty. Colored gemstones have been chosen for their symbolic importance and mystical qualities since the beginning of civilization. Those who are called to wear the Sapphire are in good company. The graceful and alluring blue stone has been a favorite of history’s most influential and powerful individuals. At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we provide residents of Atlanta, Georgia and nearby communities with access to the world’s most prized gemstones. The sapphire is a popular choice, whether they are used in engagement rings, anniversary presents or the tiara of Queen Elizabeth herself. Here are a few of the more remarkable and interesting facts about this amazing gem. Sapphire Diamond Rings

What Are Sapphires?

Sapphires are beautiful gemstones made from the mineral corundum. Most sapphires are a deep blue, but they also come in a range of hues from yellow and purple to orange and green. There are also other notable variations including color changing sapphires whose color varies by light source, and the coveted star sapphire cabochons. Rubies are also a form of corundum whose differences in mineral composition cause a rich red tone rather than blue. Sapphires are mined from many places around the world, but the largest deposits are generally found in Australia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and East Africa. The largest sapphires on record include the 1404 carat star sapphire “Star of Adam”, the 478 carat “Queen Marie of Romania” and the 422 carat “Logan Sapphire”. The majority of these priceless treasures are housed in museums around the world, three of the most treasured can be viewed on display at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. 

Sapphires Have a Rich History

The term Sapphire is derived from the Latin “saphirus” and Greek “sapheiros” which both mean blue.  

From the hand of King Solomon to Princes Diana, sapphires have been worn by priests and royalty as far back as 800 BC. They are often associated with divine favor and were thought to prevent anyone who wore them from harm or ill intent. In ancient days, the sky was thought to take its blue hue from light reflecting sapphires and most believed the sacred stone to be a symbol of heaven. It is for this reason that sapphires have been known to decorate the hands of ecclesiastical authorities and religious figures throughout history. 

A Gift Fit for a Queen 

Sapphires are also often found in the crowns and tiaras of modern day royal women. Examples include The Ocean Tiara worn by Princess Charlene of Monaco, The Nassau Tiara worn by Princess Tessy of Luxembourg and of course perhaps the most famous of all, Queen Elizabeth II’s George VI Victorian Suite Tiara. In fact, the Queen recently celebrated her 65th year of reign with a “Sapphire Jubilee”. The beautiful blue gemstone also happens to be the traditional choice as a gift for wives celebrating their 45th anniversary. 

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