Sapphire Facts

Are you looking for a unique gift for someone special? Do you want a one of a kind ring, pendant or bracelet to commemorate an important occasion? Then consider investing in luxurious jewelry with brilliant diamonds and stunning blue sapphires. We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry, proudly offer the world’s most beautiful diamond jewelry for clients in Atlanta, Georgia and around the US. Blue sapphire is one of the most interesting and sought after gemstones and will make the perfect jewel for your next investment. 

The Popularity of Sapphire Through History

Many interesting myths and legends have surrounded sapphires over the ages. While everyone in today’s modern world admires the sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring worn by Kate Middleton and Princess Diana, sapphire jewelry has always been valuable and highly prized. In the ancient world, these vibrant blue stones were frequently associated with the sky or heavens. Therefore, many wore sapphire to enhance their virtue, spiritual power or vitality. In India, many even used it as an antidote for scorpion stings and snake bites. 

A Beautiful Blue Birthstone

For those who were born in September, the sapphire is a familiar gem. Though the blue hued sapphire is the designated stone for those who were born in September, it also symbolizes other intriguing birth dates. The sapphire is a symbol for the Taurus astrological sign, as well as for individuals born during the Chinese Year of the Tiger. 

Use of Sapphires for Scientific and Industrial Purposes

Sapphires aren’t coveted only for their beauty. They also have many industrial applications as well. Since sapphires rate 9 on the Mohs scale, they can be used for a range of practical purposes. Watchmakers often use them inside delicate luxury timepieces because of their durability. The medical field has also adopted sapphires in the manufacture of powerful lasers and highly advanced optics equipment. 

Sapphires Come in an Array of Colors 

In nature, there are two varieties of a Corundum, otherwise known as the crystalline form of aluminum oxide. The first is the bright red Ruby, and the other is Sapphire. The variation in tone is caused by fluctuations in the amount of vanadium, chromium, titanium and iron found in each stone. While blue sapphires remain the most popular type of sapphire, they are also available in green, rich browns, vibrant oranges and event violet hues. Pink sapphires are also very popular choices for jewelry. So, feel free to be creative with design options when choosing sapphire accented fine jewelry. 

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