Sapphire Colors

Are you looking for a colorful way to express your unique style? Do you want a one of a kind gift for a loved one? Then consider investing in sapphire accented diamond jewelry. We, at Royal Design Fine Jewelry, are excited to provide the world’s most luxurious diamond accessories for customers in the Atlanta area and around the United States of America. Here are just a few of the interesting tones available, so you can choose a ring, bracelet, pendant or set of earrings that fit your unique occasion. 

Traditional Blue Sapphires

Blue is the most popular hue for sapphires. Its unique combination of aluminum oxide, iron, titanium, chromium and other trace elements helps to develop the royal tone of some of the world’s most sought-after precious gems. One of the most famous examples include the blue sapphire and diamond halo ring worn by Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. 

The Secret of Red Sapphires 

Another extremely popular gemstone is the red sapphire. However, most people don’t realize that a red sapphire is called a “ruby”. It receives its crimson shade due to a higher presence of chromium in the stone. It also happens to be the chosen stone for those born in July, making it the perfect present for your friends and family with summer birthdays.  

Pretty Pink Sapphires

According to modern standards in the USA, a sapphire must have a minimum saturation of color to be considered a “ruby”. However, pink sapphires have long been treasured through the ages. These beautiful blush toned gems have risen in popularity over the years and are becoming a favorite for flirty and feminine engagement ring designs. 

Other Fancy Sapphires 

There are many other fancy sapphires, available in a range of shades including colorless, green, yellow, orange and more. The color combinations are truly endless, and they look amazing when combined with quality diamonds and precious metals. 

Are You Shopping for Sapphire Jewelry in Atlanta, GA? Visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry

Do you need a beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring, anniversary gift or investment piece? Then visit the experts at Royal Design Fine Jewelry at our Atlanta, Georgia location today. Our professional jewelers are ready to help you find a treasure that perfectly suits your unique needs. Do you live outside of the Atlanta, Georgia area? You can still benefit from our incredible collection by browsing our inventory from the comfort of your personal computer or mobile device. 

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